Saturday, 9 June 2012

Back from Holiday in London + Jubilee!!

Hey all,

What a week!  Well longer than a week! 

We left on Wednesday 30th May for London and arrived about 2pm-ish at Joshua’s Mums in London where I chilled out and Josh went for a drink with his Dad and Sister then we had a lovely night in.

Thursday we went shopping and for a change I got clothes lol.  Got 3 tops, night-dress, 2 pairs of leggings, a new dress and some shoes while Joshua got some jogger bottoms and a tie.  I got my hair cut from half way down my back to a short bob style and then layered up the back and it was a gay Chinese man wearing white crocs who upon finishing my hair said “You look so super cute, you look so younger you look like young 25!” to which I said “I’m 23!” …but loved my new hair woot.  We got a few bits and bobs like some DS games very cheaply and a few other bits and bobs before going back to Joshua’s Mums flat and having a wonderful evening watching the first half of Series 1 Walkingdead (again).

Friday we stayed in most of the day just resting up before going out for the meal for Joshua’s Dads 65th Birthday which was brilliant.  The food was amazing and it was really nice to see everyone again and of course meet new people such as Emma who is Joshua’s Brothers other half and Joshua’s Dads best friend Tom who worked as an animator on cartoons such as ‘Banana Man’ and ‘Animals of Farthing Wood’!!  It was a real pleasure to meet him!!  I even had the honour of being seated next to him and Joshua throughout the night and the meal!  It was a real wonderful night spite I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera, however Emma brought hers as did Anne (Joshua’s Stepmum).  After returning home at gone 1am into Saturday morning we quickly found ourselves in bed.

Saturday arrived quicker than expected and a family BBQ at Joshua’s Grandads however, sadley I was in too much pain to go and figured it best to have a rest day watching TV when Joshua and his Mum arrived home around 8pm we watched a bit of telly and then we watched the remaining 2 episodes of Series 1 Walkingdad before going to bed.

Sunday we were up early due to it being Joshua’s Nephews Communion (Sam’s Communion) which we were at Ben and Emma’s by 9 at the Church by 10 and next thing I knew in the pub eating dinner by 1!!  We had a wonderful day even if spoil sport me (in pain with my hip) went back to Joshua’s Mums at 4.  We spent the evening watching TV… highlights from the Thames and various other ‘Jubilee’ events  and such.  {Pictures Coming Soon}

Monday I was feeling aweful and so Joshua went to see Prometheus with his Dad and Anne and I stayed with Joshuas Mum at the flat, Josh was home by 7pm and we spent the rest of the week just chilling out playing on the Gameboys, DS’s and watching TV such as more Jubilee events…  I still can’t get over Madness playing on the roof of Buckingham Palace!! As well as of course spending time with Joshua’s Mum.

Friday came and as did the winds.  My Grandparents were due to pick us up at 12 but due to the weather their ferry was delayed by over 8 hours!!  By the time they picked us up it had gone 7.30 and we travelled a while, then stopped at a Premier Inn, got food at Harvester and had a wonderful night.

We set off around half 9, 10 this morning and including a services stop for breakfast (£7.99 each or two for £11) we managed to be home by 1pm did some food shopping and back at the house and resting for 3pm.  It’s now just gone half 4!!

Imogen xX

So the plans: Rest for the rest of the weekend, Monday chairlift is being fitted plus make some additional phone calls and such then on Tuesday etc crack on with unpacking and make a start on my CRAFTROOM :D :D :D


  1. YOU'RE BACK?! ;0; I could cry, I'm rather overwhelmed at ACG, I was so hoping you'd be back soon, so many people have gone inactive, even Megan. v.v

    1. I promise I am battling through as quick as possible to try and get back to you guys! I've had 100's of notes with stupid questions and such so hopefully I'll be back officially with you guys tomorrow night at the latest!!