Saturday, 23 June 2012

95% Finished Craft Room + Todays DIY Pictures!!


We have been super busy today and still got a list of things to do!  More about that later…  So my Grandparents arrived around 11am and Grandma decided she was off into town for the day on the bus and Granddad decided he was going to supervise Josh working!!

So my wonderful Joshua installed the 2nd handrail all by himself…  How clever is he!!  I am super proud especially to say he’s not really done anything like it before!!

So with the handrail installed onto the next job, my craft room shelving and we hit a snag…  They were going to go on the window wall at the side of the window which was fine until Josh hit a steal beam and we decided we have to change the goal posts so they then went on the far wall of my craft room.  Which was fine but they wouldn’t sit well due to my filing cabinet and I definitely wouldn’t be able to put the printer on top as planned.  So had to have a rethink, while my wonderful Joshua installed my shelves, and I was rebuilding our old black and grey canvas shelving we use to have in our flat as “drawers” lol.

Shelving that Joshua put up!!

Shelving that Joshua put up, plus the canvas shelving that I rebuilt!! - It was like a large jigsaw... we have 2 of these, 2 bedside tables and 2 wardrobes and their all in pieces in the guest room built in cupboard lol!!!  Shhhh....

With the shelving brackets up, the canvas shelving built and the room rearranged my Grandma had returned and my Grandparents decided they were going home (5pm-ish).  

We then decided to crack on and continue with stuff so Joshua drilled and inserted more raw plugs and then installed the 4 curtain hooks in the living room!!

Then while Joshua was doing that I decided to paint the old red shelves (which were in the living room) black and claim them up in my craft room (they’re my shelving from my old bedroom when I lived with my Grandparents, so I’m claiming back my shelving is what I should have said!!) So with the red shelves now black, I moved on to paint the brown wood (for the wall shelves) black too and left them to dry.  By this point Joshua had moved on to gluing the front of the kitchen drawer back on lol.

I then started unpacking and reorganising of my craft room…  For someone who has only been crafting since January and doesn’t actually have THAT much stuff it’s taken hours and hours and hours to get done.  Mostly due to reorganising!  But my craft room is about 95% done.  I have to find homes for the plants on the windowsill, unpack some ornaments, buy and install a voile curtain and buy and build a big black bookcase (like the ones in the living room) for my door wall so I can put finished crafts on them!!  Yey!!  Oh and I also have to continue work on my clip-it-up (no pics available for that yet!!) Oh and get a true-colour lightbulb.

Remember I got this for free!!??

I decided to organise all my A4 & 8x8 paper / card in the 2nd draw up like this!!

It's startng to look like a craft room now, lol!!

The red shelves I painted black today!!

What's left... to find a home!!

A printer/scanner/coppier/fax machine and half a box of jelly beans!!

Once I know that black shelf is fully dried I will be moving Fella Plushie :P


Where book case is going to go!!
Scrap paper, Tools, Art Books, Finished projects and a box of "MAN SIZED" tissues.

So that’s us done for tonight.  As for tomorrow we have to:
  • Drill the kitchen side and install the extension up through the cupboard (where the plug socket is at the back) and put electric on the wall. 
  • Install the door onto the kitchen.
  • Install new shelving into the kitchen.
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Drill a hole in my circular chopping board for my clip-it-up base.
  • Go get correct nuts for the clip-it-up.
  • Tidy house.
  • …if weather’s nice then cut the grass, strim the edges and cut the hedge… so not much to do!!

Imogen xX

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