Tuesday, 29 May 2012

(UK) Craft Haul from Carboot ~ Thank you Grandma!!

Back with a craft haul!!  LOOK I BROKE MY NAILS IN THE MOVE!! :'( Anyway... So my Grandma bought me some bits and bobs from a carboot, she didn't know if it was any good... I'm pleased!! :D :D Thoughts??

Video by me and I am YouTube user .

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  1. What a lucky girl! Did you say that lot was only £2?! What a stash! That'll keep you busy lol xx

    1. The box with all the cards, envelopes, stickers, toppers, etc etc... was £2 yes. Apparently she wanted £5 and just wanted rid and not to take it back and so my Grandma got her down to £2 since she was buying another couple of things from the same stall (for herself) ...I am lucky!! :D