Sunday, 13 May 2012

Moving in 8 Days. Updates.

Hey all,

I feel that I don't have very much to say today but I wanted to create an update post just kind of to put myself out there.  Ok so I move a week tomorrow / a week today.  

There's plans with in plans but thus far our friends wedding is on Saturday and then on Sunday we'll be finishing packing, loading the van and setting off to travel through the night (6-7 hours road time not including breaks) and should arrive very early Monday morning and then we have to wait until our helping hands arrive about 10am to start unpacking.

I have intentions of getting some additional pictures of the house and prevideos done of the rooms before we unload the van so I can do some walk throughs of each room like process if you will from before we moved in, moved in, decorated and unpacked type of thing spaced out over the period of time it takes us to decorate and such due to being on a really tight budget and not being able to get everything done straight away but this is the plans thus far.  I am hoping we get the livingroom done first then my craft room and then the kitchen and then the rest of the rooms except the bathroom which is decorated totally fine as is.  But it's all exciting.  

I will phone up tomorrow and see when our internet etc will be set up at the new house so I can get back online with updates and such.

But I think that's all thus far, we're all ontime with everything and everything thus far is going well and as planned which is wonderful and I'm very excited about :)

Imogen xX

Ps. Don't forget to check out my YouTube as I've removed my old old videos and such and cleaned it up quite a bit!!

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