Thursday, 17 May 2012

Move in 4 days + Entertainment Unit Idea!!


More of another note to myself however I thought I'd share my creative thoughts.  So we want to have a big entertainment unit to continue our console collection and such and so we were looking at units worth £500+ and then we saw some not so good ones at £300+ and then I thought "we could make our own for much less".  So I set about with my creative thinking and trying to come up with ideas...  When I remembered a project I was going to do a couple of years back and decided upon something else instead and so checked Argos and oooh look they still have them!!

Which is the "Half Width Small Extra Deep Bookcase - Black Wood Effect." from the "Maine Collection" at Argos (  And are £14.99 each (plus from same collection as our DVD shelving and Game shelving!!.

- Size H91.5, W42, D29.1cm.
- 2 adjustable shelves.
- Shelf thickness 1.5cm.
- Weight 11.4kg.

So I asked my grandparents since they've measured up for the faux wall to go where the fireplace was (as seen in previous blog post) and they said that the width of that area is apparently the measurements are 7ft6 = 2m31cm = 90" so doing the math I can fit about 5 of these units side by side to create 15 cubbies and then the top surface.  Which should be plenty for now!!  Plus gives us a snug fit with 5cm play room at the sides so the door won't keep banging into the unit and causing any problems (hopefully).

So while working out these measurements and such I ran it past Josh (partner) to gain his thoughts and insight into if this would work due to the height of 91.5 cm and a room width of 12ft2 (3.71m) as we wanted to get a corner sofa eventually and such.  Anyway he said that was fine and he thought it was a good idea as it allows for a bigger TV of which we want eventually (apparently money grows on trees these days!!) ...moving on.

So while I was quite happy with myself to have come up with this working idea we questioned about wires and plugs and such and thought perhaps we could cut holes in the backing OR not put the backing on at all and allow the red wall behind to show through (we'll see).   

^ Entertainment Unit That Joshua Likes And Wishes To Create.^
But then Josh stumbled upon this on the CEX facebook page and decided he wants to create something like this:

To which I said we were very close to it given my previous idea and so then I set about thinking how to put the lighting into each cubby section.  When I came up with the idea of using red "fairy" lights (Christmas tree lights etc) and a staple gun to attach a very long string of red lights to the top section of each cubby in, out and to thenext block and so on until each cubby has lighting attached to the top of each cubby hole.

I have reason to believe this would give a similar effect to how the unit looks in the picture Josh found while still being with in a reasonable budget and long lasting furniture.  So these are my process ideas of what Joshua and I wish to try and create!! 

Anyway this whole thought process is a work in progress just getting the basic ideas down and such so if anyone has any additional thoughts or ideas regarding how we can achieve this I'd love you to share with us!! 

Ps. All in all everything thus far (5 unites, red fairy lights, staple gun, staples etc) has all come to much less than £100 which is saving £400+ compared to similar all in one units of a similar size.

Anyway, thank you for looking!!

Imogen (and Joshua) xX


Also, I thought I'd add a little boast :P YEY 176 Subscribers on YouTube :D :D


  1. Make sure you connect each shelf unit to the next so they don't separate by accident. I recommend screws for that so you won't destroy it if you ever need to move it. And to give it of a 'one piece' look you could buy a strip of molding like on the bottom or tops of walls, and attach it to the bottom. And molding comes in all sorts of styles so you could do as fancy or as plain as you'd like, and as you'd only need one shortish piece it shouldn't be too expensive to purchase

    1. I was thinking of getting these for the back (but the two hole not three hole ones) and didn't think about getting like a crown-molding that's an idea (thank you) Imogen x

  2. Imogen, have you got that many games consoles???!!! Have you looked at IKEA? I have been drooling over some boxy type cube cupboard things - here are a few I think might possibly work...? :)

    1. Well we have:

      Playstation 2
      XBox 360 (and HD player & Kinect)
      Sega Master System
      Sega Saturn

      but we want more... and we also got the TV Box and I'm sure we can fill it up :) and the IKEA stuff is overly expensive and wont fit everything +