Saturday, 5 May 2012

Its Your Day Wall Art Part 1

Hey everyone I wanted to share my latest purchase from the lovely Kate!  More of her details such as ebay accounts, personal sales site and blog can be found HERE inc hand made items such as the topper I bought.

So this a wonderful 3D topper size Measurements (approx): 7.5" high, 7.5" wide (18.75cm x 18.75cm). 

Which I am going to back onto a smaller piece of card and using a matching colour ribbon attatched to the card create a hanger to use this as an insperational sentiment piece of wall art in my new craft room.

So thank you very much to Katy for this wonderful hand made topper of which I bought through bids for a total of £2.95 including shipping ~ I also got a wondeful free gift of 8 mini fabric bows!!

Anyway that's all I wanted to say and I will post another entry (maybe even a video) when I have this complete and on display in my craft room once I move!!  ~ Move in 2 weeks 2 days and counting :D

Imogen xoxox

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