Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Home: The Start of Making A House A Home

Tuesday 22nd May 2012 – 11.46pm {Back dated}

After having an early night last night (8.30) we were very surprised that we were up by 7.30am!!  We continued with what bits and bobs we could including taking our bed outside while awaiting the day to unfold.

At 10.30am a man from Eden Mobility came to measure up and leave some quotes for a stair lift and while he was very nice they were very expensive even for reconditioned!!

We tidied and unpacked some more while awaiting my Grandparents who had some business to do their end before coming over with our new bed, the electric bike and a few other bits and bobs.  But while they were out they found two glass display cabinets while looking in the charity shop.  They were £40 each but due to having the van and wanting them both they got them for £70.  Which we were over the moon as the same ones in Argos is currently £179.99 each!!  Bargain!  Although they were mahogany but not to fear as we decided we can paint them – maybe!

So my Grandparents finally arrived at 4.30 via Wicks also to get the wood for the faux wall.  Granddad and Josh set to bringing in everything from the van while Grandma and I went out in the car and we found a bed place that does cheap beds so picked up a nice new bed for £90 for our guest room, although it can’t be delivered until tomorrow. We also went and looked at some cookers and various other bits and bobs before popping into The Range {and I bought; a circular chopping board to make a clip-it-up, some wooden little draw nobs, a birdcage, craft magazine, craft grab bag, a lightshade, two rolls of wall paper for my craft room and a tub or red paint for the living room as the other tub my Grandma bought was pink not red!} then we came home via the chippy.

My Granddad put up the faux wall in the living room, we ate, made the bed(s) up and then we tidied up a bit before having an early night.  Joshua and I are on the mattress in the guest bedroom and I have just finished watching Gnomio and Juliette.

Going to start on the living room painting tomorrow!!

Imogen & Joshua

{Thank you camera for deleting all the photos of this!!}

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