Sunday, 20 May 2012

Home: Packing Removal Van & Travelling!

Sunday 20th May 2012 – 11.30pm {Back dated}

What a day!  We got up at 8.30am spite our intentions of not getting up until 9 however we got up, dressed and ready for the long day ahead.  Joshua went to get breakfast (although the frigging cafe was shut), Granddad went to get the van from the car park and I made drinks.  Still in lots of pain and not a good sign for things to come!

By 9.30am Mikes Dad (Andy) had showed up to help since we’d not seen head nor tail of Dylan spite he said he’d help especially with the heavy white goods.  So between Josh and Andy they took things to the van and my Granddad packed them.  I got very upset feeling like a spare part due to not being able to help and generally just getting in the way.

By 11am Josh’s Stepmum (Anne) had showed up also and additionally she was helping Josh and Andy.  A short while after that I set off to find all the cash points were out of order and then managed to scrape together enough money to buy us all bacon sandwiches from the café which was now open.  Which Anne made drinks and we all ate. 

We’d finished eating by 11.30/12ish when Anne’s friend Jasmine showed up and she too helped.  We’d gotten to the point where it was just big stuff for the men to lift and Anne and Jasmine very kindly cleaned the kitchen (although I’d already done it) and the bathroom (although I’d already done it) and hovered through (which to be honest, I didn’t do)!

The van was packed and we had our emotional goodbyes to our wonderful neighbours and our helping hands and were in the van and setting off at 1.20pm

We were in the van with only two short breaks until 9.30pm when we reached my Grandparents house in Scunthorpe where my Grandma had a wonderful lamb dinner awaiting us.  Since arriving we’ve just been chilling out and preparing ourselves for another long day tomorrow.
Imogen & Joshua

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