Monday, 28 May 2012

Home: Living Room Decorated + Unpacking Part 2/3 {Pictures}

Monday 28th May 2012 – 11.13am {Back dated}

Been up since 8am… amazingly wonderful long lay in, damn sun shining in my face – waking me up!!  Hazzar!  Another wonderful day!  Until, I went to the bathroom… looked in the mirror and there staring back at me is a multi-tone bad hair day!!  Now I was expecting crazy hair as I went to sleep with wet hair, I wasn’t expecting the brown dye I dyed my hair permanently with 10months+ ago to have 75% washed out leaving my 6” of natural hair and then a huge mess of ginger, brown and blond hair at the bottom!! [For those who don’t know I bleached my hair blond, it didn’t work out well and so I had over half my hair chopped and I dyed all my hair my natural colour of brown in July/August last year and my hair has grown about 6” or so since then!

Anyway, Joshua is continuing to unpack boxes in the living room and I am doing bits and bats, just having a sit down as I feel I’ve over done it again with painting chaos and unpacking and all that good stuff!!  Also the rest of the furniture should be here from Argos today or tomorrow although I fear I have accidentally ordered the extra-large book case and not the one to match the one we already have: Oopse!  Well it’ll do for now and then eventually we’ll get one of the shallower ones and the big deep one can make its way up to my craft room – hehe!  Speaking of craft room, it’s still a mound of boxes and I haven’t even thought about painting that room yet!!  But not sure as I want to unpack just to pack it all again… maybe we shall tackle it when we get back from London.

So that’s today along with a whole list of chores such as cut the grass, do a couple of wash loads, peg the wet clothes out, hose down the throw outside, sort out the bins, tidy and clean the kitchen, wash up, tidy up the hall way, reorganise etc etc – do more in the living room, if Argos turns up today then there’s flat-pack-furniture to build etc…

Then we have a painter and decorator coming tonight to give us a quote for the hall, stairs and landing.  Then tomorrow we’ve got the gas man coming at some point to install our oven and then we’ve got BT coming to install our internet… which will drive me mad as it should all be set up by 8pm tomorrow night but then I need to get an ‘early’ night as we’re off to London for a week on Wednesday!!  Rarr!  How time flies!!  Anyway, must crack on still lots to do!!

Imogen & Joshua

UPDATE: 3.32pm
Argos turned up just over an hour ago and so the lovely Joshua is working on building the smaller shelving units which is going to come together and form a large TV unit; like I mentioned in a previous blog regarding ideas and such :D

So while Joshua is doing that I’ve been sorting through more boxes and such and decided to take another break to update on here and just generally chill out for a bit – I feel guilty as anything and utterly useless today and yesterday due to pain and so spending more time resting than working :( *sigh* but we’re getting there :D and the living room is coming together really nicely!!

Imogen & Joshua

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