Sunday, 27 May 2012

Home: Living Room Decorated + Unpacking Part 1/3 {Pictures}

Sunday 27th May 2012 – 6.03pm {Back dated}

Still with the wonderful weather and a case of just cleaning up.  So tidied up all the masking tape, paper etc…  Folded up all the ‘dust sheets’ we’d used for keeping the carper “clean” while painting (the paint has gone straight through them, what a waist!) then applied the shake-and-vac then hovered all the carpet just to freshen it up and clean up any bits of paper etc.  Wonderful clean living room – tadar!!

So we started bringing in the other furniture, such as the glass display cabinets (both of them) and then we utterly cleaned the cr*p out of them to make sure they sparkle and gleam – looking wonderful.  Put them in place, then put together the table and added the table cloth and the book cases.

We’re waiting on the other book cases to come tomorrow or Tuesday before we can finish setting up the living room but we tackled unpacking some boxes such as DVD’s, Games and Figures etc…  In addition we gained a kitchen instead of the storage room it had become this past week!

In addition to that while Josh was unpacking boxes downstairs I was sorting through clothing and finishing unpacking them upstairs and changing the bedding and a general straighten around. 

I had a wonderful long shower and then ate but now I’ve gone super sleepy!!  Anyway, I am off to bed for a very very early night as I am shattered and in lots of pain! :’(

Imogen & Joshua

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