Monday, 21 May 2012

Home: First Day in New House!! {Video}

Monday 21st May 2012 – 5pm {Back dated}

So we set off at 8am to our house in my Grandma’s car, arriving at the house by 8.45 and my Granddad set off in the van shortly after giving me and Josh enough time to explore our house :D

We love the house very much and have so many wonderful ideas and we’re so very glad that it was our choice and that it’s much better than the pictures showed!!  So we did a little video of the house:

Soon after that Granddad arrived with the van and shortly after that the hired help arrived although we were told it was a charity donation (turned out to be £75).  The men got the work done, although I don’t know why I bothered labelling the boxes as they all ended up in the wrong rooms anyways…  So while the men were doing that Grandma and I took to cleaning, resting and dictating.  After the men left my Grandparents went home in the van (leaving their car here) and since me and Joshua have just been putting boxes in the correct room, setting up the bed and unpacking the kitchen.

Imogen & Joshua

Ps. Not happy as I have developed a cold-sore!!  There’s only me who can get them in summer I swear; however it’s awful and my face hurts ~ probably stress or something *shrug*.  Imogen xX

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