Saturday, 26 May 2012

Home: Day 4/4 Living Room Decorating {Pictures}

Saturday 26th May 2012 – 11.36pm {Back dated}

Had several phone calls from companies regarding the stair lift and decided to go with the most professional and reasonable, which was the guy from yesterday morning which I believe was the company “companion stair lifts” anyway, he was charging 800 more than Dolphin but I managed to knock him down to the same price plus an additional 300 for the powered chair motor as appose to manual chair ~ woot.  Anyway we were all happy at the price we got as it was the best price (reconditioned with all the trimmings; £3350!  Happy days, especially given the fact our stairs has a very steep bend which is usually the excess cost!) FULLY RECCOMMENDED thus far!

So in addition I managed to get a number of coats on the skirting boards, dado rails, door frames and general touch up’s in other places.  Taken off all doors and painted them, taken down the blinds and painted the bay-window and the other windowsills! All by 8pm; all painting finished and that included a trip to town and a morning sat out in the garden :D  …have I mentioned it’s been blistering hot since the day we landed??  - Wonderful weather!   

So with the doors back on, paint work done all that was left was to start the battle with the boarder!  I honestly don’t know who puts a boarder on with a dado rail, but due to us painting and not papering we needed to add a boarder over where the previous boarder had been.  What a kafuffle!  It wasn’t plain sailing until we decided it was easier to past the wall and add the paper as appose to past the paper and add to the wall!!  - Wonderful!  Actually turned out wonderfully apart from a few small hiccups here and there but nothing too noticeable, in fact you’ll have to look for them!!

So that done I’ve come up to bed, while Josh is putting the blinds back up and washing down the plug sockets and such of which we got paint on.  – Happy days!

Imogen & Joshua

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  1. Looks like that was quite a bargain. Great job for making that deal! Getting a local company that can supply and install the stairlift at a price that is close to what you’ll spend if you do the project yourself is indeed the best deal ever.

    Tanisha Hertzler