Friday, 25 May 2012

Home: Day 3/4 Living Room Decorating {Pictures}

Friday 25th May 2012 – 4.12pm {Back dated}

8am came round so fast, I went to bed around 10 last night and Joshua around 12 after pain chaos!  Woke up this morning to my Grandparents phoning to say they were outside and would we let them in!!  Which we did. 

By 8.30 another company was here measuring up for a stair lift and gave a really reasonable quote in my opinion, they were gone by 9 and my Grandma sat out back in the sun while Granddad, Joshua and I went to Currys and got our oven, Argos and ordered our shelving units and The Range and got some masking tape.

We came back and unloaded the van, Grandma went home and Granddad went to take the van back and then home.  While we masked up the display units, took them outside and painted them.  I have decided to take a break as I am in lots and lots and lots of pain :( so having a rest.

Then the man from Dolphin came to give us some quotes for a stair lift, although my Grandparents were happier at his quotes I wasn’t as I don’t really think you’re getting value for money due to a his single track, no electric point installation, only 2 track points and no auto chair mobility for the sake of £450 even though the bloke from this morning said that if Dolphin offer us a better quote to ring him back and he’ll see what he can do!!

Got lots of painting to finish in the living room over the weekend, then on Monday our units from Argos SHOULD be here and got phone calls to make to get a water meter and electric meter etc etc and then on Tuesday the man is coming to fit the oven for us and also on Tuesday a man is coming out to set up our internet and make sure that’s all working.  Then on Wednesday we’re off to London for a few days to Joshua’s Mums house as it’s his Dads Birthday on Friday and his Nephews christening on Sunday so we should be back home by Monday!!

Imogen & Joshua

Pizza again!

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