Thursday, 24 May 2012

Home: Day 2/4 Living Room Decorating {Pictures}

Thursday 24thMay 2012 – 11.30pm {Back dated}

Today we were up by 8.30am, dressed and ready for another day of painting.  We touched over the white in places, mostly the corners and over the brown to make a total of 6 coats on the two end walls.  We then went over the edges from the ivory where we’d missed a few spots and then at 11.30am I made a start on the red paint it didn’t take long to do the edges and the first coat of red.  Go Mobility came to measure up for a stair lift and gave us a very strange quote exclaiming they couldn’t do what we wanted but they could do something else and couldn’t give me a quote on the spot.

We stopped for a break in which time Joshua went out to get more red paint and some better rollers and I made a start on unpacking our clothing and putting them away.

By the time Joshua came home I’d done a 2nd coat on 2 and a bit walls using up the rest of the red paint.  Upon Joshua coming home we finished off the over wall and a half and left it to dry. 

Go Mobility came back because the guy who came earlier had forgotten to measure from the bottom of the stairs up – wouldn’t you say that was the most important part?

Anyway by 6pm it was all dry, not patchy and looked really stunning (we used Johnsons Rich Red Silk).  So we made a start on painting the black accents and window frame etc

Another painty day tomorrow, but got to be up by 8am!!  Ugh!

Imogen & Joshua

(Joshua, how old are you!!?)

For anyone interested, the red paint was bought from 'The Range' here in the UK and it's Johnsons brand and called 'Rich Red' it looks much better on the walls than in/on the can which we're pleased with very much...  mmmm bloody!!

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