Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ribbon Hanger DIY Tutorial by ME!!

Hey everyone,

I just thought I would share with you this video I have made of a little Ribbon Holder DIY Tutorial ~ I worked out the proccess tonight and thought it useful and wanted to share what I did to maybe help some others out there?  So here's my video enjoy!!

Video by me and I am YouTube user

So a quick run through of the video:

Things you will need:
~ Plasic (recycled packaging) or card.
~ A medium-large shaped punch.
~ A regular hole punch.
~ A craft knife or ribbon punch. (if using knife then a craft mat)
~ Metal hinged ring or other item. (eg: string, ribbon or hook)
~ Time & Patience.

How to do it:
1. Take recycled plasic packaging or card and punch out a shape of your choice; 1" or bigger.
2. Take said shape and punch out a hole close to the top.
3. Take a ribbon punch, slit punch or craft knife and create 2 slits in the plastic.
4. Thread the ribbon (or lace) through the plasic.
5. Hang the plasic on a hinged ring or other hanging item such as string.
6. Repeat.

I really hope this helps and gives you some more creative organising, please let me know if you tried this idea and how it went for you.  This is not my original idea as there is a company out there that makes these in a rectangular shape; they're just not available in the UK so I made my own!!  Anyways enjoy and thanx for looking!!

Imogen xoxox

Ps. Don't forget the tip I shared before about using old flat iron (hair straighteners) to straighen out your ribbons and laces if they're all screwed up :P :D

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