Thursday, 12 April 2012

Altered Picture Frame Memos & Organiser!!

Printer paper came today and so I have started work on the print outs for the Birthday card commission however not very impressed that the ink easily scratches off of the paper!! Will have to reprint and be more careful!! I am also thinking of creating some kinda better art piece from the original work!! As an additional gift for free!]

Ok so I am really really trying to remember stuff but there's so much stuff floating around my head for house ideas, craft ideas, art ideas, diy ideas not to mention packing and all the stuff I've got going on and the medical stuff and the house and aaaaahhhhh.  So I thought I'd use my blog to write myself little reminders from time to time.  

So here's a little reminder to me!  Craft Project:  That picture frame with my favourite picture of Joshua and I: mask off the glass or remove and buy some pink paint from The Works (£2.99 for 500ml) and paint the whole fame, then using chipboard letters paint them black and add pink glitter glue to the letters and spell out love over the bottom right of the frame and then on the top left of the frame hot glue one of my big pink flowers (maybe glimmer mist it a little) just to recreate that picture frame and make it a lot more us (me).  ~ So altered picture frame, that's my little craft reminder to myself for something I want to do.

Since I'm here another little memo to myself is that I want to make an organiser for logging all my craft stuff before I get carried away ~ recently done some job lots for ebay and such even though I don't have a lot I want to get organised.  So I need to work out how to make a binding for something like this as I can't find the ring clips in a small size nor a small folder I can alter/tear appart!!  So here's a vid with brilliant ideas which influenced me and may help all...

The video is by YouTube user

Imogen xXx

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