Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nail Varnish: Rimmel 60 Seconds ~ 819 Green with Envy


I am serously in love with this colour, the product and just so generally happy with it. Super fast dry although I did have to use two coats while the bottle only says one!! I just thought I'd write because I bought this today and it's not an exact match to my dress but I love it all the same!! Here's a stock pic from google (spot on photo colour match)!!

I am also super happy I actually found some shoes that go nicely with the outfit, fit my feet, I can actually walk in and look nice all for £9.99 :D (loves sales!)

I also got a load more scrapbook, card making, crafty stuff :D :P Although annoyingly I only went to town because I discovered a craft shop I didn't know existed by looking online. But it was shut today due to a funeral ~ typical! But I had a nice time all the same!! The other things I wanted the shops they'd run out of in both shops I went in!! (shocking) so spent my savings (LOL: all £36) on other things!

I also got a new plushy panda for £2 and I will name him Jim. He's super super soft!!

Imogen :)

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