Sunday, 22 April 2012

Homemade Clip It Up Tutorials & Ideas

So as I said before I bought this big grey rotating stand thing!!  I have no idea what it is for, what it was used for only that it was a bargain, I wanted it and I could alter it.  Well the altering bit still stands there’s multiple things I can do with it but my problem is it’s much bigger than I thought I mean I knew it was 6ft tall but I wasn’t expecting the 2ft by 2ft square!!  So I am planning on selling it!!  [Anyone in the UK interested I’m in Cornwall!]

So I had a rethink when thinking how to alter this beast of a stand and simply decided to embark on making a homemade clip it up instead!!  …lol.

So I YouTube’d it and found some useful videos and then came up with some of my own thoughts and ideas!!

^ The above video belongs to YouTube user margaretscrafts I honestly thought this video was good.
  I couldn’t find the canopy fitting or anything similar in the UK but I got a general idea and I utterly love what she did with the mini pegs and paper clips!!  I am easily stealing the peg and paper clip idea!!

^ The above video belongs to YouTube user smitten4glitter I really love how much detail they went into talking about what they did and such but more importantly what the parts are called because I had no idea what that threaded rod was called.
  Although ironically in the UK most DIY places such as B&Q don’t know what an “allthread” is but they do know what a “threaded rod” is and they have it available in 1 meter length and various thicknesses at a very reasonable price (B&Q).  Although I couldn’t find a base like the ones in the videos at all; so still stuck on the base.

Spite the fact I’m still stuck on the base I decided that I do have the basic idea of the homemade clip it up.  In that I can use a threaded rod 12mm (diameter) £3.48 from B&Q and then get some nuts and washers to fit (probably also B&Q) then I need lamp shade frames so charity shops, maybe poundshop, car boots and them sort of places.  So all I need is a base.  I spent hours and hours looking for a suitable base online although would be happy to resort to a wooden base with a hole drilled through (I don’t have a drill though) and adding feet.  When I went to the toilet and there sat next to me is the rusted toilet roll floor stand.  Of which when we move (4 weeks) we no longer really need and thus the base (which unscrews with a nut and washer) is ideal.  Although the base is rusted but apparently tin foil and/or brillow pad will bring that off and then I can always attempt painting or even paper-mashay over the top (its chrome metal).

Anyways that’s my thoughts; this is another little memo for me and hope it might be helpful to someone else especially if they live in the UK!!  LOL!!


Here’s a couple more homemade clip it ups:

^ The above video is by YouTube user shells793 with an altered rotating shoe tree.

^ The above video is by YouTube user Luvleescrappin which I love how she did the base and generally just how pretty she made this ~ wonderful.
  This is something I may consider for my base if I don’t use the stand I have due to rust!!


Anyway there’s loads more amazing and wonderful tutorials and ideas and such out there here are just a few of which really captured my mind and my thoughts and inspired me and gave some brilliant tips, features, ideas, techniques and more… Hope they helped!!  I know they helped me!!  :D 

Thank you for reading/watching
Imogen xoxox

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