Monday, 30 April 2012

Grandma's Birthday Card ~ By Me 2012

So I made a Birthday Card for my Grandma and thought I'd share a video of it here:

Video by me and I am YouTube user

My grandma is very much into peacock and I thought the lime green and blues worked well together and it all looked very nice espcially the flowers and love how I created the gift tag to match the card.

Imogen xoxox

Ps. Thought I would also share this as I am super pleased, but the below picture is of my babies. They're Spathiphyllum's which mean they're a form of Peace Lilys. I got them in December when they wern't much bigger than seedlings!! But they have grown and bloomed to the point where today I took them out of their little 3.5" wide pots and put them into 7" pots... I'm super happy with how they've grown :D

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