Friday, 20 April 2012

DIY: Stickle / Glitter Glue Rack Idea

Just wated to say I have made a little ammendment at the bottom of this entry!!

So I have been thinking more and more about my craft room lately trying to decide more of ‘what is me?’ and ‘what do I really need now?’ and ‘what will I need?’ ~ type of questions and trying to think how I can recycle or create my own or just generally save myself some money so I can do more at once eg.  I can spend £100 on a nail varnish rack or I can make my own for probably less than £10 and then have £90 to spend on wall paint, fabrics, other materials, other items I want and not just for my craft room but the whole house, out house and both gardens YIKES!!

So speaking on nail varnish racks, I don’t actually want them for my nail varnish!!  I thought they would be more useful for stickles, glitter glue, maybe even pots of glitter and that sort of thing so I had a look about YouTube and came up with some awesome ideas!!  Now I am thinking if these racks can hold so many nail varnishes then they should be ok to hold stickles and glitter glue and such forth.  Now while I don’t have many of these (mostly due to current lack of storage) I really intend on getting more.  ~ Love Dovecraft glitter glues!!  Plus I intend on buying lots more empty spray bottles and making my own misters / glimmer mist type things and so a separate shelving thing for these sort of things maybe ideal or perhaps I’ll try and make a bigger more sturdy rack!! 

Plus remember painting and other uses to decorate such as decuopage the back board for a pop of colour or use ductape on the shelving for an interesting effect.  Sizes can be altered and you can make them as big or small as you like!!

Anyway less of my mumbling here’s two wonderful ideas!! 

^ This video is by YouTube user theeasydiy ^

^ This video is by YouTube user nguerriero19 ^

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, while yes I write these blogs to an audience I mostly write them as a reminder to myself of thoughts and ideas.  I don't honestly think my poor little brain can cope with all my ideas some times :P


Imogen xoxox 

Ps. Yes I am aware that most of "my ideas" have already been done by someone else, I have stolen, I mean borrowed, from someone else or that type of thing but shhhhhh!! ;D  ~ Have a great weekend :D


Amendment: Since writing this blog I have just come up with a brain wave!! It’s currently 10.40pm on April 22nd 2012 and *prepare yourself* …I was thinking!!  Now I adore this idea of homemade nail varnish rack that I can use for my glitter glues and stickles etc but I’ve been thinking as I’d have to store them nose up and everyone knows to store them nose down if possible to make them last longer and prevent air bubbles when it dawned on me!!  Dum Dum Dum!!  Using the same nail varnish rack idea; on each self measure and mark the space for each stickles/glitter glues etc and then cut out or drill or punch a 3/4" hole for the nose (and lid) to fit through but not so the whole bottle falls through (no I am not 100% sure on those measurements their literally a guess/estimate so you’d measure) then get either a big enough drill bit to drill through wood or a sturdy wood punch for fine wood or even regular circular punches will punch through chipboard …it’s still a thought work in progress but it’s an idea and it’s more use of wall space and less room of desk space etc.  I honestly think this sort of rack with the holes for upside down stickles / glitter glues would really work and can be customised in size as I said before and of course the shelving ledges don’t have to be too deep and in honesty this method you don’t even need to put a front on the shelves saving material, time and money!!  ~ Just thoughts.  I am honestly going to have a bash at this and if/when I do I’ll amend this with a link to how it went :D

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