Monday, 30 April 2012

Grandma's Birthday Card ~ By Me 2012

So I made a Birthday Card for my Grandma and thought I'd share a video of it here:

Video by me and I am YouTube user

My grandma is very much into peacock and I thought the lime green and blues worked well together and it all looked very nice espcially the flowers and love how I created the gift tag to match the card.

Imogen xoxox

Ps. Thought I would also share this as I am super pleased, but the below picture is of my babies. They're Spathiphyllum's which mean they're a form of Peace Lilys. I got them in December when they wern't much bigger than seedlings!! But they have grown and bloomed to the point where today I took them out of their little 3.5" wide pots and put them into 7" pots... I'm super happy with how they've grown :D

Friday, 27 April 2012

Thank You Card for Liz: Made by me!!

Hello all,

I thought I would share the Thank You card I made for my councillor (Liz) as she's been so fantastic and I wanted to show my apprechiation with a handmade card (made by me) and so here's a video of the finished card!!

Video made by me and I am YouTube user

Imogen oX 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

WIP: "Memories Worth Keeping" Mini Album - Part 1of2

Hi all,

So I thought I would share the basics of my mini album "Memories Worth Keeping" and so recorded a video yesterday and only just got round to uploading it as I've spent over 15 hours adding pictures and embellishments and just generally working on it and I'd say it's about half completed now ~ still got lots to do but waiting on some stuff from Ebay and payday tomorrow so I can get some more printer ink and such.

So here's my video - enjoy!!

Video by me and I am YouTube user

Thank you for watching :D

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Poem: When we were young by R Miles

 I really liked the following poem and so thought I would share it here, it's by Richard Miles.  But really speaks bundles comparing how times have changed... :)

When We Were Young…

When we were young, we climbed on walls
And scaled the splashing waterfalls
But in these days, the kids are bores
And watch TV and stay indoors.

When we were young, we had nicknames
And joined in all the playground games
But in these days, you mustn’t call
Each other by such names at all.

When we were young, we dammed up becks
And, climbing trees, we risked our necks
But in these days, they must have care
And taking risks they never dare.

When we were young, we scraped our knees,
Were stung by nettles, wasps and bees.
But in these days, they pass them by,
For allergies might make them die.

When we were young, we kept amused
With our imagination’s muse
But in these days, they make themselves
Content with videos off the shelves.

When we were young, as good as gold,
We just did as we were told
But in these days, they question you
And you must take their point of view.

When we were young, our honesty
Was tendered with sincerity
But in these days, the devious youth
Are prone to lie and bend the truth.

When we were young, if we were rude
We’d get a slap and miss our food
But in these days, the kids might sue
If you point out they’re cursing you.

When we were young, we made a mess
And hadn’t any time for stress
But in these days, tense children cram
Their heads with facts for the exam.

When we were young, we jumped and skipped
And in the muddy river dipped
But in these days, each infant learns
That open water harbours germs.

When we were young, we chewed the grass
And played kiss-chase with many a lass
But in these days, they miss out these
In case they catch a bad disease.

When we were young, we made mud pies
And didn’t mind the dirt and flies
But in these days, they turn away
Since hygiene rules must win the day.

When we were young, we gorged ourselves
On sweets and toffee off the shelves
But in these days, it is a sin
If you don’t diet and keep thin.

When we were young, we’d kick a ball
Against the neighbour’s backyard wall
But in these days, they daren’t go out
In case the neighbours scream and shout.

When we were young, we’d walk for miles
Just on our own, climb over stiles
But in these days, in all the land
Children must hold their parent’s hand.

When we were young, to catch a fish
Was every youngster’s ardent wish
But in these days, it’s deemed too cruel
To net some tiddlers from the pool.

When we were young, we rode and sped
On bikes, with unprotected heads
But in these days, they must appear
In every kind of safety gear.

When we were young, to join a gang
Was just some fun, a childish plan
But in these days, gangs threaten lives
And carry dangerous guns and knives.

When we were young, aged nine or ten
With bits of wood we’d build a den
But in these days, dens would face bans
Since councils wouldn’t pass the plans.

When we were young, a conker fight
Was every Autumn’s cherished rite
But in these days, conkers might cause
An injury and break some laws.

When we were young, life had no fears,
We saw no danger, all those years
But in these days, it is there
For modern children everywhere.

C Richard Miles (1961)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ribbon Hanger DIY Tutorial by ME!!

Hey everyone,

I just thought I would share with you this video I have made of a little Ribbon Holder DIY Tutorial ~ I worked out the proccess tonight and thought it useful and wanted to share what I did to maybe help some others out there?  So here's my video enjoy!!

Video by me and I am YouTube user

So a quick run through of the video:

Things you will need:
~ Plasic (recycled packaging) or card.
~ A medium-large shaped punch.
~ A regular hole punch.
~ A craft knife or ribbon punch. (if using knife then a craft mat)
~ Metal hinged ring or other item. (eg: string, ribbon or hook)
~ Time & Patience.

How to do it:
1. Take recycled plasic packaging or card and punch out a shape of your choice; 1" or bigger.
2. Take said shape and punch out a hole close to the top.
3. Take a ribbon punch, slit punch or craft knife and create 2 slits in the plastic.
4. Thread the ribbon (or lace) through the plasic.
5. Hang the plasic on a hinged ring or other hanging item such as string.
6. Repeat.

I really hope this helps and gives you some more creative organising, please let me know if you tried this idea and how it went for you.  This is not my original idea as there is a company out there that makes these in a rectangular shape; they're just not available in the UK so I made my own!!  Anyways enjoy and thanx for looking!!

Imogen xoxox

Ps. Don't forget the tip I shared before about using old flat iron (hair straighteners) to straighen out your ribbons and laces if they're all screwed up :P :D

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Homemade Clip It Up Tutorials & Ideas

So as I said before I bought this big grey rotating stand thing!!  I have no idea what it is for, what it was used for only that it was a bargain, I wanted it and I could alter it.  Well the altering bit still stands there’s multiple things I can do with it but my problem is it’s much bigger than I thought I mean I knew it was 6ft tall but I wasn’t expecting the 2ft by 2ft square!!  So I am planning on selling it!!  [Anyone in the UK interested I’m in Cornwall!]

So I had a rethink when thinking how to alter this beast of a stand and simply decided to embark on making a homemade clip it up instead!!  …lol.

So I YouTube’d it and found some useful videos and then came up with some of my own thoughts and ideas!!

^ The above video belongs to YouTube user margaretscrafts I honestly thought this video was good.
  I couldn’t find the canopy fitting or anything similar in the UK but I got a general idea and I utterly love what she did with the mini pegs and paper clips!!  I am easily stealing the peg and paper clip idea!!

^ The above video belongs to YouTube user smitten4glitter I really love how much detail they went into talking about what they did and such but more importantly what the parts are called because I had no idea what that threaded rod was called.
  Although ironically in the UK most DIY places such as B&Q don’t know what an “allthread” is but they do know what a “threaded rod” is and they have it available in 1 meter length and various thicknesses at a very reasonable price (B&Q).  Although I couldn’t find a base like the ones in the videos at all; so still stuck on the base.

Spite the fact I’m still stuck on the base I decided that I do have the basic idea of the homemade clip it up.  In that I can use a threaded rod 12mm (diameter) £3.48 from B&Q and then get some nuts and washers to fit (probably also B&Q) then I need lamp shade frames so charity shops, maybe poundshop, car boots and them sort of places.  So all I need is a base.  I spent hours and hours looking for a suitable base online although would be happy to resort to a wooden base with a hole drilled through (I don’t have a drill though) and adding feet.  When I went to the toilet and there sat next to me is the rusted toilet roll floor stand.  Of which when we move (4 weeks) we no longer really need and thus the base (which unscrews with a nut and washer) is ideal.  Although the base is rusted but apparently tin foil and/or brillow pad will bring that off and then I can always attempt painting or even paper-mashay over the top (its chrome metal).

Anyways that’s my thoughts; this is another little memo for me and hope it might be helpful to someone else especially if they live in the UK!!  LOL!!


Here’s a couple more homemade clip it ups:

^ The above video is by YouTube user shells793 with an altered rotating shoe tree.

^ The above video is by YouTube user Luvleescrappin which I love how she did the base and generally just how pretty she made this ~ wonderful.
  This is something I may consider for my base if I don’t use the stand I have due to rust!!


Anyway there’s loads more amazing and wonderful tutorials and ideas and such out there here are just a few of which really captured my mind and my thoughts and inspired me and gave some brilliant tips, features, ideas, techniques and more… Hope they helped!!  I know they helped me!!  :D 

Thank you for reading/watching
Imogen xoxox

Friday, 20 April 2012

DIY: Stickle / Glitter Glue Rack Idea

Just wated to say I have made a little ammendment at the bottom of this entry!!

So I have been thinking more and more about my craft room lately trying to decide more of ‘what is me?’ and ‘what do I really need now?’ and ‘what will I need?’ ~ type of questions and trying to think how I can recycle or create my own or just generally save myself some money so I can do more at once eg.  I can spend £100 on a nail varnish rack or I can make my own for probably less than £10 and then have £90 to spend on wall paint, fabrics, other materials, other items I want and not just for my craft room but the whole house, out house and both gardens YIKES!!

So speaking on nail varnish racks, I don’t actually want them for my nail varnish!!  I thought they would be more useful for stickles, glitter glue, maybe even pots of glitter and that sort of thing so I had a look about YouTube and came up with some awesome ideas!!  Now I am thinking if these racks can hold so many nail varnishes then they should be ok to hold stickles and glitter glue and such forth.  Now while I don’t have many of these (mostly due to current lack of storage) I really intend on getting more.  ~ Love Dovecraft glitter glues!!  Plus I intend on buying lots more empty spray bottles and making my own misters / glimmer mist type things and so a separate shelving thing for these sort of things maybe ideal or perhaps I’ll try and make a bigger more sturdy rack!! 

Plus remember painting and other uses to decorate such as decuopage the back board for a pop of colour or use ductape on the shelving for an interesting effect.  Sizes can be altered and you can make them as big or small as you like!!

Anyway less of my mumbling here’s two wonderful ideas!! 

^ This video is by YouTube user theeasydiy ^

^ This video is by YouTube user nguerriero19 ^

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, while yes I write these blogs to an audience I mostly write them as a reminder to myself of thoughts and ideas.  I don't honestly think my poor little brain can cope with all my ideas some times :P


Imogen xoxox 

Ps. Yes I am aware that most of "my ideas" have already been done by someone else, I have stolen, I mean borrowed, from someone else or that type of thing but shhhhhh!! ;D  ~ Have a great weekend :D


Amendment: Since writing this blog I have just come up with a brain wave!! It’s currently 10.40pm on April 22nd 2012 and *prepare yourself* …I was thinking!!  Now I adore this idea of homemade nail varnish rack that I can use for my glitter glues and stickles etc but I’ve been thinking as I’d have to store them nose up and everyone knows to store them nose down if possible to make them last longer and prevent air bubbles when it dawned on me!!  Dum Dum Dum!!  Using the same nail varnish rack idea; on each self measure and mark the space for each stickles/glitter glues etc and then cut out or drill or punch a 3/4" hole for the nose (and lid) to fit through but not so the whole bottle falls through (no I am not 100% sure on those measurements their literally a guess/estimate so you’d measure) then get either a big enough drill bit to drill through wood or a sturdy wood punch for fine wood or even regular circular punches will punch through chipboard …it’s still a thought work in progress but it’s an idea and it’s more use of wall space and less room of desk space etc.  I honestly think this sort of rack with the holes for upside down stickles / glitter glues would really work and can be customised in size as I said before and of course the shelving ledges don’t have to be too deep and in honesty this method you don’t even need to put a front on the shelves saving material, time and money!!  ~ Just thoughts.  I am honestly going to have a bash at this and if/when I do I’ll amend this with a link to how it went :D

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nail Varnish: Rimmel 60 Seconds ~ 819 Green with Envy


I am serously in love with this colour, the product and just so generally happy with it. Super fast dry although I did have to use two coats while the bottle only says one!! I just thought I'd write because I bought this today and it's not an exact match to my dress but I love it all the same!! Here's a stock pic from google (spot on photo colour match)!!

I am also super happy I actually found some shoes that go nicely with the outfit, fit my feet, I can actually walk in and look nice all for £9.99 :D (loves sales!)

I also got a load more scrapbook, card making, crafty stuff :D :P Although annoyingly I only went to town because I discovered a craft shop I didn't know existed by looking online. But it was shut today due to a funeral ~ typical! But I had a nice time all the same!! The other things I wanted the shops they'd run out of in both shops I went in!! (shocking) so spent my savings (LOL: all £36) on other things!

I also got a new plushy panda for £2 and I will name him Jim. He's super super soft!!

Imogen :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Birthday Card Commission: My Little Pony: Finished Video!!

All artwork & craft (except for the print used in the center of the card and added on the envelope) is done by me (missimoinsane) and I am super happy how this turned out, although the video and pix don't do it justic!! So I uploaded to YouTube and sharing here:

A friend of mine commssioned me to do a card for her to give to her friends little girl, Danielle, who is turning 4 this month. As stated she loves ponys and makeup so this digtal painting and hand crafted card by me should be a winner!! Let me know your thoughts!!?

Imogen xox

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Altered Picture Frame Memos & Organiser!!

Printer paper came today and so I have started work on the print outs for the Birthday card commission however not very impressed that the ink easily scratches off of the paper!! Will have to reprint and be more careful!! I am also thinking of creating some kinda better art piece from the original work!! As an additional gift for free!]

Ok so I am really really trying to remember stuff but there's so much stuff floating around my head for house ideas, craft ideas, art ideas, diy ideas not to mention packing and all the stuff I've got going on and the medical stuff and the house and aaaaahhhhh.  So I thought I'd use my blog to write myself little reminders from time to time.  

So here's a little reminder to me!  Craft Project:  That picture frame with my favourite picture of Joshua and I: mask off the glass or remove and buy some pink paint from The Works (£2.99 for 500ml) and paint the whole fame, then using chipboard letters paint them black and add pink glitter glue to the letters and spell out love over the bottom right of the frame and then on the top left of the frame hot glue one of my big pink flowers (maybe glimmer mist it a little) just to recreate that picture frame and make it a lot more us (me).  ~ So altered picture frame, that's my little craft reminder to myself for something I want to do.

Since I'm here another little memo to myself is that I want to make an organiser for logging all my craft stuff before I get carried away ~ recently done some job lots for ebay and such even though I don't have a lot I want to get organised.  So I need to work out how to make a binding for something like this as I can't find the ring clips in a small size nor a small folder I can alter/tear appart!!  So here's a vid with brilliant ideas which influenced me and may help all...

The video is by YouTube user

Imogen xXx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Alternative DIY desk top carousel!!

Please note none of these videos are mine I was just collecting ideas when I came across this idea and honestly thought I would share it on my blog!! So here’s some of the videos!! :)

By YouTube User lizyj0se

By YouTube User worker4ever123

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Steffogal1's How to put together a mini album!!

Hey all I just thought I would share this wonderful tutorial by YouTube user simply because some of my friends have stated they'd like to know how to do mini albums and in truth I'm still learning so I think this is wonderful and very insperational to all.

Video by YouTube user