Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tool & Mini Album Update Xx

Hi all,

I honestly haven’t done ANY work on my spring/summer album I’m working on because I’ve been trying to gather ideas and such (as you will know if you follow my blogspot). I’ve been planning and getting ideas for not just my craft room I’m going to have but also all the other rooms in the house, just trying to pull together some unique and cute things while still working to a budget and without being too “extreme”. Lol.

So I just thought I’d write and let you know I am working on this stuff and I’ve even bought some additional tool supplies. So I bought an ATG gun brand new off an Ebay user who removes the tape (didn’t read the small print) but now I can’t find the right size tape anywhere :’( lots of money down the drain (£25) and then I have also bought a rounded corner punch but the seller STILL hasn’t shipped this item (nearly a week now) hummm…

Anyways that’s me, anyone know where I can buy quarter inch double sided scotch tape for the pink ATG gun? I’m in the UK xox

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