Saturday, 3 March 2012

Spring Summer Album 1 Updates + SHOUTOUT!!

Hi all, I thought I'd do some quick updates!!

  • So I am still working on my spring-summer mini album and I am stuck for embellishments but I have been working on my “button’s” and various other bits and bobs including pockets and ideas for things I want to try in the future but I am very excited about how things are going.

  • I have also bought some files for improving my polymer bats.

  • As of most recent I have taken ill due to new medications however I’m starting to get back on track now and hope to do more of my scrapbooking and polymer etc next week.

  • I have been watching lots and lots and lots of YouTube tutorials on various scrapbooking things and really wanted to point everyone in the direction of the lovely TracysTreasures24 who is such a lovely person who taught us how to do the flip book pocket book that I shared at the end of Feb. But I just wanted to direct people her way to see her wonderful works and other tutorials.

That’s all from me for now

Imogen xoxox
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  1. hey imo i hope everything is ok and miss tlking to u msg me on facebook wen u can hun wud be nice to hear from u xxxx

    1. I sent you a message but got no reply from you :S :'( ~ miss you too!! xox