Monday, 19 March 2012

Organising Scraps of Paper & Mini Haul:

Ok so last night I wrote an entry and then for whatever reason I didn’t post it >_< just clicked on Microsoft Word and thought “oh yeh meant to copy, past and publish that oopse!” ~ So the entry was about storage solutions and what I might buy tomorrow but that’s all changed now as I bought some different stuff and well let me explain:

I was trying to come up with ways to organise scraps of scrapbook paper without damaging them and trying to keep them unpunched but organised and I thought I was at a loss!! Now I thought I could buy 3 A4 folder files for £1 from Poundland here in the UK. But when I got there they had packs of 5 A5 sized and packs of 4/3 A4 sized and packs of 2 A3 size. I was spoilt for choice so got 3 packs of A4 and 2 packs of A5 but since coming home I wish I’d bought more of the A5 ones and perhaps even a A3 one!! So perhaps more shopping soon! I also bought a tub which is ideal storage for the A5 folders.

Here is an example of what I mean by file folders:

While searching for storage solutions last night I came across this website: which is the better home and gardens website which I signed up to and their YouTube and such is so brilliant from home décor to craft projects to garden makeovers ~ brilliant.

Anyways; so what I have done is taken the 10 A5 folders (£2) each pack has 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 white and 2 yellow so I have double that. I organised my scraps of paper like this:
Pink pouch ~ Pink Scraps
Pink pouch ~ Red Scraps
Blue pouch ~ Blue Scraps
Blue pouch ~ Purple Scraps
White pouch ~ White Scraps
White pouch ~ Black Scraps

Yellow pouch ~ Yellow & Orange Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Green Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Gold, Silver and Metalic Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Mixed Colour Scraps
I then took some sticky label and cut them down the middle (to make them smaller) and wrote on what was in each pout ie: Pink Scraps and then stuck it to the front top corner to make it super easy to find bits and bobs!!
I then put these into the bucket I bought so all in all spent £3 on this filing system plus the sticky labels of which I already had!!

HAUL: While on my shopping spree today I bought…
2 Storage box’s (£1 each = £2)
3 sets of A4 file folders (£1 each = £3)
2 sets of A5 file folders (£1 each = £2)
Storage box with a lid (£1)
Screw organiser box {for my embellishments} (£1)
40 sheets of white card (£1)
80 sheets of coloured card {pastel pink, blue, green and yellow} (£1)
The Works:
Scrapbook Pack consisting of 10 12x12 papers, 2 12x12 sticker sheets, 20 brads, 1m ribbon, bag of buttons and sequins (£1.99)
The Works:
20 black cards and black envelopes (99p)
The Works:
10 black cards and black envelopes with lily embellishments, wedding embellishments and sequins (99p)
The Works:
10 pink cards and pink envelopes with rose embellishments, brads and ribbon (99p)
The Works:
10 white cards and white envelopes with bows, roses and glitter (99p)

I also bought some stuff for my house!
3 black A4ish Picture Frames (£1 each = £3)
Ceramic foot tall deep red jug {using as a vase} (£1)
Set of 3 teatowls (£1)

I think that’s it for now <3 much love Imogen xox

Ps. Going to buy more A5 file folders so I can organise different size/colour envelopes and maybe 6x6 paper pads ~ not sure if they will fit or not!

Pps. Here's a picture of the red jug I bought which is going to be used as a vase as I got some black sticks with lights on, if you've read my journal you'll know my livingroom will be deep red, ivory and black!

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