Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Insperations Not So Mini Mini!!

Hello again,

Ok so I thought I would share something of which has really inspired me this evening and I really wish I had the money to make a purchase!! Anyway here is another of my favourite scrapbookers is the ‘not so mini’; mini album! creatore which is YouTube user kathyorta of whom creates her scrapbook albums by her tutorials and such of which are available for purchase at her blog which is ~ if you’re anything like me and can’t currently afford to buy any of her guides and such (such as the build a page guide, which I want) then perhaps just watch her videos for ideas and the free tips and tricks she shares!! I believe below is one of my most favourite scrapbook albums I have seen thus far!!

As mentioned YouTube video is by
YouTube user kathyorta
~ Check out her creations, YT and blog!!

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