Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Freecycle Steal!!

So I wrote yesterday with the folder files and such I got and I have been looking for ways to organise and store my craft papers when I was looking at the stuff people are giving away (freecycle is a site here in the UK) and I got a large 4 draw filing cabinet with a key in great condition, a few chips and cratches on the corners but googled it and new it's £75 - £180 not bad as I got it for free, ok I paid my lovely neighbour John £5 as he has a van :P But I feel like I have stolen them lol (I haven't). I'm dead chuffed, not going to really use them until we move as we've started packing bits we won't need between now and a two months tomorrow!! But brilliant for storage of scrapbook papers and such (I am a lucky girl).

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