Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Envelope Mini Album kathyorta's Tutorial

Ok, ok so I started doing a spring summer album and to be frank I have got seriously bored with it. Suspending my work on my spring summer album and starting something new ~ not recommended to have multiple projects on the go for me but if I want to move on from my creative block it’s a necessity. There was no real reason for me making it and I’ve just got so far and got fed-up so I have put all that to aside and set out in search of something new.

Now I have about 3 months to make a gift for someone (no names mentioned here as it’s a surprise!) and basically I set out trying to work out how to do the envelope minis like YouTube user kathyorta who is also when I discovered she has actually done a tutorial on how to make these envelope minis and I thought that it would be nice to share her videos here!! So there’s multiple parts to her videos and they don’t 100% follow on from each other but they’re brilliant and we all know there’s several combinations of mixing up these pages and also different ways to bind and embellish and of course a totally different look can be achieved by the use of different papers and/or different sizes!!


  1. Where did you get the rub and buff? This album is awesome and I love the way you give us directions. They are easy to understand and to follow. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. 1. This is not my work this is the work of someone else of which I felt I wanted to share with others but I also wanted to bookmark together for easy reference for myself. So I totally can't take credit for her wonderful epic works.

    2. I don't remember her using rub 'n buff, so I assume you're talking about me and my friend Seema sent it to me as a gift to try out. I have since purchased some on eBay (UK) but it ranges from £6+ can also try a very similar product called *goes to look* ...inka gold. They have it in a variety of colours and I have not personally used this but A LOT of people do. It's a bit more expensive but lasts 2-3x longer. Worth the money. I would buy some but atm I'm having financial and medical problems thus the lack of crafting and stuff on my YouTube @