Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Update on file folders and paper storage.

I got some more of the A5 file folders from Poundland here in the UK for various sized envelopes and also for 6x6 and A5 papers. I can confirm that 6x6 papers fit, with wiggle room. But again I have ladled these folders and filled up the rest of my tub. I even have 8/20 folders left for additional papers I buy. I also bought (on Ebay) some 12x12 papers and then from the Poundland I bought a pack of 2 A3 file folders but when these papers arrived they were sent in at 12x12 box ... I didn't realise these boxes existed!! So I’ll try and get some more if/when I buy some more 12x12 papers that aren’t monochrome (black and white).

Imogen :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

CraftTutorials (Glitter Lace & Paper Flowers)

I saw this YouTube tutorial by user on lace glitter cards and really wanted to remember it so thought I'd share it here as a memo to me and an insperation to you.

I also saw this YouTube tutorial by user
on making your own paper flowersand really wanted to remember this too so again I thought I'd share it here as a memo to me and an insperation to you.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Envelope Mini Album kathyorta's Tutorial

Ok, ok so I started doing a spring summer album and to be frank I have got seriously bored with it. Suspending my work on my spring summer album and starting something new ~ not recommended to have multiple projects on the go for me but if I want to move on from my creative block it’s a necessity. There was no real reason for me making it and I’ve just got so far and got fed-up so I have put all that to aside and set out in search of something new.

Now I have about 3 months to make a gift for someone (no names mentioned here as it’s a surprise!) and basically I set out trying to work out how to do the envelope minis like YouTube user kathyorta who is also when I discovered she has actually done a tutorial on how to make these envelope minis and I thought that it would be nice to share her videos here!! So there’s multiple parts to her videos and they don’t 100% follow on from each other but they’re brilliant and we all know there’s several combinations of mixing up these pages and also different ways to bind and embellish and of course a totally different look can be achieved by the use of different papers and/or different sizes!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Freecycle Steal!!

So I wrote yesterday with the folder files and such I got and I have been looking for ways to organise and store my craft papers when I was looking at the stuff people are giving away (freecycle is a site here in the UK) and I got a large 4 draw filing cabinet with a key in great condition, a few chips and cratches on the corners but googled it and new it's £75 - £180 not bad as I got it for free, ok I paid my lovely neighbour John £5 as he has a van :P But I feel like I have stolen them lol (I haven't). I'm dead chuffed, not going to really use them until we move as we've started packing bits we won't need between now and a two months tomorrow!! But brilliant for storage of scrapbook papers and such (I am a lucky girl).

Monday, 19 March 2012

Organising Scraps of Paper & Mini Haul:

Ok so last night I wrote an entry and then for whatever reason I didn’t post it >_< just clicked on Microsoft Word and thought “oh yeh meant to copy, past and publish that oopse!” ~ So the entry was about storage solutions and what I might buy tomorrow but that’s all changed now as I bought some different stuff and well let me explain:

I was trying to come up with ways to organise scraps of scrapbook paper without damaging them and trying to keep them unpunched but organised and I thought I was at a loss!! Now I thought I could buy 3 A4 folder files for £1 from Poundland here in the UK. But when I got there they had packs of 5 A5 sized and packs of 4/3 A4 sized and packs of 2 A3 size. I was spoilt for choice so got 3 packs of A4 and 2 packs of A5 but since coming home I wish I’d bought more of the A5 ones and perhaps even a A3 one!! So perhaps more shopping soon! I also bought a tub which is ideal storage for the A5 folders.

Here is an example of what I mean by file folders:

While searching for storage solutions last night I came across this website: which is the better home and gardens website which I signed up to and their YouTube and such is so brilliant from home d├ęcor to craft projects to garden makeovers ~ brilliant.

Anyways; so what I have done is taken the 10 A5 folders (£2) each pack has 1 pink, 1 blue, 1 white and 2 yellow so I have double that. I organised my scraps of paper like this:
Pink pouch ~ Pink Scraps
Pink pouch ~ Red Scraps
Blue pouch ~ Blue Scraps
Blue pouch ~ Purple Scraps
White pouch ~ White Scraps
White pouch ~ Black Scraps

Yellow pouch ~ Yellow & Orange Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Green Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Gold, Silver and Metalic Scraps
Yellow pouch ~ Mixed Colour Scraps
I then took some sticky label and cut them down the middle (to make them smaller) and wrote on what was in each pout ie: Pink Scraps and then stuck it to the front top corner to make it super easy to find bits and bobs!!
I then put these into the bucket I bought so all in all spent £3 on this filing system plus the sticky labels of which I already had!!

HAUL: While on my shopping spree today I bought…
2 Storage box’s (£1 each = £2)
3 sets of A4 file folders (£1 each = £3)
2 sets of A5 file folders (£1 each = £2)
Storage box with a lid (£1)
Screw organiser box {for my embellishments} (£1)
40 sheets of white card (£1)
80 sheets of coloured card {pastel pink, blue, green and yellow} (£1)
The Works:
Scrapbook Pack consisting of 10 12x12 papers, 2 12x12 sticker sheets, 20 brads, 1m ribbon, bag of buttons and sequins (£1.99)
The Works:
20 black cards and black envelopes (99p)
The Works:
10 black cards and black envelopes with lily embellishments, wedding embellishments and sequins (99p)
The Works:
10 pink cards and pink envelopes with rose embellishments, brads and ribbon (99p)
The Works:
10 white cards and white envelopes with bows, roses and glitter (99p)

I also bought some stuff for my house!
3 black A4ish Picture Frames (£1 each = £3)
Ceramic foot tall deep red jug {using as a vase} (£1)
Set of 3 teatowls (£1)

I think that’s it for now <3 much love Imogen xox

Ps. Going to buy more A5 file folders so I can organise different size/colour envelopes and maybe 6x6 paper pads ~ not sure if they will fit or not!

Pps. Here's a picture of the red jug I bought which is going to be used as a vase as I got some black sticks with lights on, if you've read my journal you'll know my livingroom will be deep red, ivory and black!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tool & Mini Album Update Xx

Hi all,

I honestly haven’t done ANY work on my spring/summer album I’m working on because I’ve been trying to gather ideas and such (as you will know if you follow my blogspot). I’ve been planning and getting ideas for not just my craft room I’m going to have but also all the other rooms in the house, just trying to pull together some unique and cute things while still working to a budget and without being too “extreme”. Lol.

So I just thought I’d write and let you know I am working on this stuff and I’ve even bought some additional tool supplies. So I bought an ATG gun brand new off an Ebay user who removes the tape (didn’t read the small print) but now I can’t find the right size tape anywhere :’( lots of money down the drain (£25) and then I have also bought a rounded corner punch but the seller STILL hasn’t shipped this item (nearly a week now) hummm…

Anyways that’s me, anyone know where I can buy quarter inch double sided scotch tape for the pink ATG gun? I’m in the UK xox

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Thank You Present to ElectronicRainbow

This is a digital painting I did of the wonderful insperational and talened *ElectronicRainbow ~ I am no way as talened as she but wanted to say thank you for my suprise gift!!

:heart: :iconelectronicrainbow:'s version of me :heart:

Date: 8th - 10th March
Time: 19 hours
Image of *ElectronicRainbow [link]
Adapted butterflies [link] by `Shoofly-Stock
Image of frog (google) [link]
Hands - self created.
Background - self created.
Tools: Wacom Pen & Touch
System: Win7 Acer Aspire
Program: CS5
Brush Sets: CS5 & `Rahll

I always love *ElectronicRainbow's work, she inspired me too start digitally painting and I hope one day too be as talented as her!! Brilliant and lovely person - now go and check her out!! :heart: :hug:

:squee: Present for :iconelectronicrainbow: her picture :squee:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

OMG ElectronicRainbow Digitally Painted Me!!! Squee!!!

:squee: OMG! :squee:
My Favourite Artist EVER *ElectronicRainbow Digitally Painted Me!

:heart: :iconelectronicrainbow: :heart:

I don't know if may of you know this but I am a huge huge huge fan of *ElectronicRainbow to the point where she is THE reason I started doing digital art!! Honestly a huge insperation and amazingly talented and wonderful person!! I honestly can't thank her enough for this!! I am seriously going to save up for a print of this due to anyone who follows me here on my blogspot then you will know I have just bought a house and I am having a craft/art room of which is going to be black, white and magenta!! So this will fit right in!! Aaaaaah I'm so exicted I love this sooooooooooo much!!

:love: :kiss: :heart: THANK YOU *ElectronicRainbow :love: :kiss: :heart:

Please please please go check her out at and if you're feeling like you have more free time swing on by me at and finally if you would like use of the stock image of me then this can be found at ~ Thank You!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

March Insperations Not So Mini Mini!!

Hello again,

Ok so I thought I would share something of which has really inspired me this evening and I really wish I had the money to make a purchase!! Anyway here is another of my favourite scrapbookers is the ‘not so mini’; mini album! creatore which is YouTube user kathyorta of whom creates her scrapbook albums by her tutorials and such of which are available for purchase at her blog which is ~ if you’re anything like me and can’t currently afford to buy any of her guides and such (such as the build a page guide, which I want) then perhaps just watch her videos for ideas and the free tips and tricks she shares!! I believe below is one of my most favourite scrapbook albums I have seen thus far!!

As mentioned YouTube video is by
YouTube user kathyorta
~ Check out her creations, YT and blog!!