Friday, 17 February 2012

Printing scrapbooking Part 4 & Assembly Beginning!!


I thought I would share with you how my scrapbooking is going and this will be self-create and print part 4!

So yesterday (16/02/12) and today I have started on my “vintage, old and steampunk” inspired mini scrapbook album. I am using partly my own designs and prints but later (when they arrive in post) I will be using some pre-made papers. I did buy some basic none branded papers from an ebayer and have used two or three of them in various spots – I will show what I have done soon.

I decided I would write now (17/02/12) and say that tomorrow I will hopefully take some pictures of what I have done thus far and share. I have been toying with the idea of doing a YouTube video once it’s finished… not sure yet.

I have decided to create a 4.5” x 6” size and this one will be portrait. Thus far I have made about 20 tags and I am really really enjoying doing them. I haven’t finished them though as I have been cutting them out of food boxes, covering them with paper, punching them and adding ribbon with little hair ties and of course melting the ends to save fraying. I am not sure what other embellishments to buy as of yet or possibly even make with Polymer clay. ~ Any thoughts? I have also been experiementing with pages and various types of pages and it’s all a very big miss-mash at the moment. While the colour and themes are working well together (in my opinion) it’s looking a little funny with all it’s different styles of pockets, pocket sizes and pocket placements but I am experimenting still with ideas and also learning as I do. Quite pleased.

Thus far the front cover is on but no embelishments yet, then the back of the front cover is plain and not sure what to do with that. Then there’s no pages yet created for the front of the book or the front of the middle section. The back side of the middle section is decorated with my papers and various tags and then there are 5 pages (double sided so 10 pages) decorated with papers, added some pockets, added some tags, made a little note book, added some ribbon and that’s about it as I haven’t ordered or used embelishments yet as I’m not quite shure what I want to use. Or how much money I want too spend!! I have lots of polymer so as said I might do something with that. Last I have the last page which flips over to reveal the back page which is papered but that’s it currently. I am thinking of using ball-chain binding with this one.

If anyone is wondering if I finished my first mini, the pink one with my name on it the answer is no but it is a test book so I will constantly keep adding things, removing things and adding notes and such as I am using is as my scrapbook for scrapbooking ideas and such.

I will also show my polymer creations tomorrow once my camera battery has charged.

Anyways, that's me - just thougthts!!
Imogen xo

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