Sunday, 12 February 2012

Printing scrapbooking paper part 3 (plus rant)

So as mentioned in some previous blogs I have designed some pages for printing and then tea/coffee stained some paper and printed onto the paper and now I have those finished prints and decided I can write about it!

I started by staining some paper with tea in the bath (boiling water and two tea bags, left to go warm and stained paper). To be honest it stained my bath more than my paper and I had to bleach the bath back to white (done). So then I went about staining my second lot of paper by using coffee to get more of a brown vintage look as appose to a yellow vintage look (like you get with tea) and I did that on a black bag (bin bag) on my table – worked wonderfully and dried loads quicker!!

Thus I then went onto designing some patterned paper for printing and layouts using photoshop: stock images, scanned images, free images etc etc and merged a number of them together to create some interesting pictures/patterns/pages (thank you stock artists on deviantART) anyway…

Once the stained paper was dry I then printed out my images this afternoon and one of the main things I discovered was that the paper kept crinkling up in my printer (not causing printer problems or jamming) causing the ink to print twice on some bits and not at all on others – not so good.

What I have learnt from this experience is to stain paper, put a towel over it and iron paper flat… I in fairness knew to do this already but decided I couldn’t be bothered to fight with my iron as it leaks and I honestly need a new one! An alternative would be hair irons (not the ones you use for your hair but cheap ones or ones bought for scrapbooking and ironing small bits of fabric like ribbon and lace! You don’t want to get hair product on your work!!)

In addition the pages turned out quite nicely all things considered and I really can’t wait to get started once my paper trimmer comes next week (fed-up on off angled right angles by using scissors / craft knife!) The mini I am doing this time will be a vintage/steampunk inspired mini album.

Another con would be the amount of ink I actually used probably works out more money than if I had just bought patterned paper – ironic. But when I set out on this venture patterned paper was expensive (£10-20 + £5-15 postage) and then I found UK sellers which sell it for much much much much less (£3 with free postage). So when I next actually have some money I’ll be buying paper from them and seeing how that goes.

So while waiting for my paper trimmer to arrive I decided to YouTube some ideas and thoughts and tutorials and such and got some awesome ideas on paper pockets but what I am searching for is ribbon pockets either straight across a page or diagonally across the page (coner tuck pockets) and thus it had provoked me into writing a rant at the end of this journal.

– Please close now if you do not wish to read about ribbon/lace flowers and my lack of findings!!

More of a rant than anything;
So, I am curious how on earth people put ribbon onto pages to make tuck pockets for tags without the ribbon showing up on the other side. Because even if you put the ribbon around to the back and tape/glue/stick the ribbon to the back and then stick a page over that it still had the bumps and shows up where the ribbon is stuck underneath. So I decided to YouTube this and see how it’s done and I can’t find anything on how to do it, tutorials etc… I can find people who have done it and not explained how or shown how but that’s no use to me; I know it can be done, but how to do it? So I kept searching on YouTube and if it came up one more time with “ribbon flower”, “lace flower” or “ribbon/lace flower with no glue/sewing” I am going to go mad so I have come away from that for a while and gone back to designing pages for printing. I don’t think I would mind so much but it seems 100’s of videos have been made regarding how to do this and I don’t understand why you would do a video that 99 people before you have already done!! Perhaps it’s just me but I did watch a bunch of these videos and 99% of it was the same technique maybe the odd spin-off like glimmer mist, inking, distress etc but in general the technique was the same!! Rarrrrrrrrrrrr… Someone explain to me ribbon tuck pockets for corners and such… Please!


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