Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Printing scrapbooking paper and ideas!! 1

So I decided to start off I didn't want to spend lots of money on fancy paper, ruin it and then that being the end of it so I went out and bought some plain white, black and pastel colours (£3) I then decided to make some of my own patterns and use some of my own artwork as patterns so printed it out onto this paper which didn't look amazing - mostly because I created them but some of them looked really good such as printing black dots to create a polka dot theme onto both white and pink paper - looks good.

So then I decided to set out in search of free downloadable paper of which you can down load and print or download edit and print etc and make paper more personalised or just even adjusting the colours slightly to match better with a project ect. Then printing these out. So I set out looking...

It was then I came across a section in deviantart which basically is full of free downloadable content (and some of which you have to pay for) but generally lots of freebies where people are happy for you to use for personal use and such most arn't happy about sale or retransmitting for sale, but anyways there's some brilliant papers, themes, etc there's even loads of embelishments, photoshop stamps (brush sets) and fonts. So I thought I would share some of this here for others searching!! deviantART scrapbooking downloadable contest ...also in my search I came across another blogspot user called scrapandtubes and she had lots and lots of free downloadable content also!! Scrap and Tubes freebies (blog) - I reccomend. I also downloaded some free fonts from which is a simple download, unzip and then go control panel > fonts > move downloaded and unziped fonts to this folder.

I am also going to start doing some free layouts and such!! I will be uploading them along with my current free stocks at

Just thoughts, Imogen xo

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