Thursday, 9 February 2012

Making Paper Pockets / Mini Envelopes!!

So I watched the following tutorial by evangelyn79 on YouTube who shows how to make these paper pockets for scrapbooking, gift cards, cards and other general uses.

I simply watched once and went away and made 5 in the space of 10minutes!! I also worked out if you don't stick the front triangle down over the folded sides but cut it smaller and sick additional paper over them folded sides you can make a double pocket! Genius! Equally you can also fold down the second triangle and turn it into an actual mini envelope.

So 6x6inch square and fold in half to creat a triangle. Then mark 3" on each side of the long side of the triangle (from point in) and then 3" on each smaller side (from out point back) and fold to make a pentagram then fold and sick them and then multiple options for the next part. I made all mine pink to go with my mini but alternatives could be double sides alternative pattern paper or stick two different colours together or use one colour and embellish with another colour - the creativity is endless and an amazing cute result with additional options for embellishments such as flowers, butterflies, mini tags etc...

Also I used double sided sticky tape but I am thinking it would be a lot quicker to use a prit-stick or general a glue stick of some kind for this but double sided tape works!!

I deffinitly thought this was worth keeping ahold of for my own personal future reference and in addition I thought it would be brilliant to share with any reader who may stumble upon this blog!

Just thoughts! Imogen

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