Monday, 27 February 2012

How to use up left over papers and offcut scraps - ideas.

Hi all I have spent my evening being creative – sort of. I decided to make some embellishments for my current spring/summer inspired album using dovecraft 6” by 6” papers called “Sugar & Spice”.

I recently bought a 1” circular punch by dovecraft (weirdly I have a whole bunch of stuff by dovecraft now – never intentional!!). So I decided to use the scraps from my pages as my pages are 4” by 6” and so I have a lot of 2” by 6” paper left over and so decided to punch out some circles from this left over stuff and to also use other left over scraps from the last project and from recycled paper from misprints and all that type of stuff and of course left over sides of cereal boxes (cardboard / chipboard) and so I then stacked these circled like this:

1 piece of chipboard and using a glue stick glued a circle piece of recycled paper to the bottom, and repeat to have 2 papers on the bottom of the chipboard. I then flipped this over and using the same method glued 5 pieces of circular recycled paper on to the top. Finally on top of that I glued a nice piece of the left over scrap paper (pattern paper) to create something interesting.

Now I have found that these fit perfectly inside bottle caps!! I may do some of those and see if I can’t add gloss to them! Although my original idea for this was to create some large “buttons” and simply to create these thick circles and add 2 or 4 holes in them’s a work in progress. But that’s my thoughts of what to do with left overs, small bits, offcuts etc… Good way to use up them small left overs?!! In my opinion, as they can be reused in jewellery, scrapbooking, on cards, sold etc etc as appose to just storing and storing and storing or even throwing it away!!

I have made about 20 of these and it’s taken an hour but mostly due to my punch not being worked in yet and being very stiff and difficult to use!! Also planning and thinking!! In truth you could easily be on your way to 50 in an hour and it’s relaxing to the point where you don’t even realise you’re doing it!!

In addition other sized circular punches could work for “buttons” such as a half inch …well up to you. I currently don’t have loads of money to spend on scrapbooking stuff so I buy what I can when I can plus it doesn’t help that in the UK these items are not only hard to find but when you do find them they are stupidly over charges for these items such as punches, embellishments, craft papers, glimmers, inks, stamps etc etc etc :(

Imogen xoxox

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