Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Flipbook Mini Pocket Album - Tutorial & Information

Hey all,

So I decided to start on my second proper mini album which is coming together nicely! I have done 4” by 6” and used the dovecraft 6” by 6” papers called “Sugar & Spice” which is a very pastel spring/summer set of papers and there’s 72 in a pack I bought these from Ebay user ella_card_creations I am also going to use pastel papers which you get 20 pink, 20 yellow, 20 blue and 20 green for £1 from Poundland here in the UK. Additional accessories will be misc flowers, charms and embellishments of which I made/make out of Polymer clay and other bits and bobs or buy from various places.

Due to the masses of tags I made in the last mini album (steampunk, vintage, old with a twist of my style) I decided to make this one more about empty pockets, photo places and journaling spots. So I have been looking up and creating various pockets and such when I came across a very interesting pocket page flip book which is crazy and interesting. This is a YouTube video of which I did not create however I did create one of the books (please look below the video for how I did it!!)

Items needed for this project:
1. Trimmer of some kind or a steady hand, craft knife, rule and self-healing mat.
2. 3 envelopes in a size of your choice.
3. Pattern/Craft Paper
4. Double sided tape or your choice of adhesive
5. Glue stick or again your choice of adhesive
6. Scissors
7. Pencil
8. Rule/Rulers
9. Time
10. Additional embellishments etc

YouTube Video by user TracysTreasures24

What I simply did to create mine (I’m including it into this mini and so will be in the finished piece video on YouTube hopefully next week if not sooner!! And of course I will link the video onto this blog!)

1. I took 3 envelopes of which measured 162mm (6½”) by 114mm (4½”) in white. (I bought a pack of 55 of these for £1 at Poundland here in the UK) and I sealed them shut with a glue stick to ensure they’d stay stuck.

2. I them turned the envelopes upside-down and measured 3¼” from the upside down top – so I cut off the bottoms.

3. I then folded each envelop in half to create a folded 3¼” by 3¼” squares.

4. I then took one of the envelopes and opened it out and folded it ½ and inch back on itself and the same on the other side to create a V in the middle of the paper. (As seen in the video).

5. Then due to not having an ATG or anything fancy I just stuck two strips of double sided sticky tape (which I have in ½” thickness) down both sides of the inside of the V shape from top to bottom. Then checking which way up the open envelope is to make sure that’s now at the top for pockets I then took the other two envelopes making sure they too were right way up also and sat them back to back to form an upside down T shape or generally this shape _||_ and then carefully stuck them one to each of the inside of the V shape.

6. Shockingly it all worked out and I was able to create the flip book from the video. I then went ahead and cut covers in fancy paper to match my mini album to place over the naked-ness of the envelopes these were:
6x 7cm by 7cm squares
6x 6cm by 7cm rectangles
2x 1cm by 7cm rectangles
In matching and contrasting papers / colours and then using a glue stick I put glue on the cut out shapes and then centred them appropriately in the center of each flip out sections being careful of the folds and which way the book sits.

7. I am still to decide if I want to create tags as this is already quite a thick little book which I am going to make a pocket for although you could just create 5x 7cm by 7cm squares and glue the last one down to your page to make it a permanent feature.

It’s actually a lot lot easier than it looks in truth! Anyway, I just thought I would share this with you in my blog as I like to collect things of which I think might help people as it helped me – just thoughts.

Imogen xoxox

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