Monday, 20 February 2012

First Mini Album Video Plus Introduction To Me & My Tags!! Enjoy!

Hi all, well due to several YouTube uploading issues its taken way over 24 hours but I can finally present what I promised!!

First of all though, I’d like to say I had my first MRI scan yesterday on my hip and the whole thing went really well, wasn’t as bad as I thought in truth!! So now it’s preparing for part 2 the injections of which due to many reasons including the results of the MRI it’s be postponed from Thursday 23rd Feb to Thursday 22nd Mar.

Anyway, without further waiting I would like to say that I did go ahead with YouTube and in truth was very nervous throughout. I did record my first scrapbook album first, then the introductory second which I’ve uploaded first for obvious reasons and then I did the how I make my tag video last. Please leave comments and such as I am hoping to become a part of the community regarding the things I am doing.

So here’s my introduction video to who I am!!

Here's my first proper mini album tutorial!

Here's my thoughts on how I make my tags!

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