Saturday, 18 February 2012

First Bake Polymer Clay!! Discovery!

Hello so yesterday I said I would upload photos of my scrapbook thus far, ok actually I’ve been saying for a number of days I would post up a WIP but then I did just a bit more, just a bit more, batteries weren’t charged for my camera and now I’m so close to getting the main body finished (minus the embellishments)!

I was going to try and get that finished tonight and take photos however I had a majour set back with Polymer clay (yes I am trying to multi-task) basically I’m sick of nearly knocking over my charms as I haven’t baked them and so I decided to bake them which is something I’ve been putting off for fear of burning them or generally running my works!!

So my majour setback was that I was following the instructions on how to bake. I also followed some youtubers advice regarding making a foil tent to help spread the heat and not scortch/burn my works. But they should have been baked in 20 minutes, but were still soft so I put them back in for ten minutes and they were still soft so then a further 10 and still soft (double the recommended time!) so worried I would burn them I took them out and set them aside while I went off to google about my issue. However 10 minutes later when I came to put them back in the oven I found them to be cold and hard so perhaps that’s what we do ~ bake and leave to go cold?

Anyway, I said I would post up photos of scrapbook process tonight but I have decided to post up some finished (baked) polymer photos instead including my pac-man bracelet I have just made!! Scrapbook I will have to capture and upload another time!!

Imogen xo

Click any of the below pictures to open enlarged versions in new window(s).

Ps. Anyone got any ideas what embellishments and charms I could make with polymer for this album? It's a mixture of "old, vintage and steampunk" inspired ~ cheers!!

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