Friday, 10 February 2012

Digitally Create & Print personalised scrapbooking paper!! Part2

What I have done:
Ok so I decided to try out some unique ideas to scrapbooking; meaning their not unique as I am sure they have been done time and time again but in ways which are personalised as they're created by me. Let me explain my thoughts.

Basically I got some paper and stained it with tea (yellow look), I also got some and stained it with coffee (brown look) and some paper I did a mixture of both for a multi colour tone (brown and yellow). - don't clap this is nothing new, ageing paper is a technique you learn in Primary school.

I then went onto the computer and photoshop, using some of the brushes that I have downloaded for free from deviantART I put together some over lay designs such as brown grunge pages but made them transparent so that I could print them over my stained pages I made earlier. Thus the unique-ness of which I was talking about as no one else has these pages unless you give them away etc.

I am also thinking of using some quote stamps or object stamps too just too really embelish this layout before I print and then add actual embelishments such as pockets, tags etc... But this was a budget paper supply idea for creating your own personal touch pages.

My Idea:
I am not sure what really inspired me if anything, but I thought that for starting out I didn't want to buy and ruin expensive paper (it's quite expensive in the UK if you don't have a craft store near you!! buying from ebay can get very expensive also and international shipping, well don't go there!!) so I got some basic coloured paper and printed out some patterns I made on the computer to build my first scrapbook album mini (nearly finished, still making pockets and tags and got embelishments and such too do, enjoying myself and taking my merry sweet time haha!!) So this was my thought, as said it's probably been done and I know a lot of people digitally scrapbook, not sure if they print them pages or not but yeh..

Other News:
In other news! I bought a paper trimmer today for £11.20 including postage and so it should be here in 4-5 days (or less). Yey!!

- Just thoughts, Imogen Cane x

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