Wednesday, 8 February 2012

1st Polymer Clay Creation - Love Bot

So I created him back in January (early January) but only just really got round to taking pictures! I know I am terrible. I have also dome some more creations since then! But I'll show them another day. So this is "Love Bot" he is just over 2x2cm as seen next to a UK 2p coin and weights 4g. He has a flat pin head sticking up which will become a link to turn this critter into a charm of sorts. He is a personal use item but I might do more once I get better for sale or if anyone wants to commission me!! This is silver glittery polymer clay and red polymer clay. Looking back now I wish I had used some copper polymer clay (as I do have it) and mixed it to make it more orange and add it in as rust but live and learn - thoughts for next time. He also has a bum crack but you obviously can't see that from the pic I have provided. Thoughts?

- Imogen xoxox

(UK Creation)

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