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Shopping Haul: Scrapbooking 1.

Shopping Haul: Scrapbooking!

Ok so I decided to give this scrabooking stuff a go and see how it works out and I was adamant that I would get some stuff but I am not spending stupid money on patterned paper and fancy paper as its all personal use and such. Lease that was until I got to the shop :P

So I had £55 to spend and with that I got a return on the bus, some £20 4 plastic draws set in black and white for all my crafty stuff and then I spent the other £20odd on the following scrapbooking stuff!

So I went to my pound shop first and they had so much still I got a craft:

· So I got 2 stationary sets (note paper and pen) one in pink with white polka dots and one black with white polka dots (£2) but was very disappointed as when I got home it was only for first page that was like that and the others a brown but it’s ok I can still use them just not in my first project as I am doing my first mini album in black, white and pink(s) with the odd silver too shhh!

· I got some stick on glue dots in black so we’ll see how they go! (£1)

· I got a pack of black craft paper which is quite thin and there’s 100 sheets of UK A4 so quite happy with that stuff deffo use them as accent sheets or as cover sheets we’ll see (£1).

· I got some pink diamante stick on letters just because they’ll match my first project which I think will go really well as I might turn it into an album of me and my partner – lots of lovely photos ~ we’ll see. (£1)

· I got some black diamante sticker bordered but you can split them up and I just thought they would go so nice with the theme (£1)

· 3 pack of scissors so I actually have my own scissors and if you get the ones from the kitchen area they’re actually super sharp for pound shop scissors – I got mine in pink! (£1)

· 12 felt flowers and butterflies I got two packs one in black and white and the other in baby pink and hot pink because they were super cute, not usually my thing per-say but I have some photos from out and about and a zoo day and such so they might go with that, will go with the mini despite what I decide to do with it!! (£2)

· 5 differed meter long ribbons I got two of these packs because they were so lovely in black and white themed with dots, stripes, hearts and more I thought they looked wonderful and so definitely use those! (£2)

· I got a A5 notebook to help me make notes and keep ideas on what I wanted to do – oh the irony!! (£1)

· I got a pack of 6 helix erasers because I have lots all mine, shameful! Lol (£1) inc 3 sharpeners!

· 100 A4 UK pastel colour paper sheets because they could be good plain or for printing on – lots of ideas (£1)

· 3 different sized envelopes for various pockets and personal posting use lol (£3)

· 5M double sided sticky tape and tabs (£1)

· Mega Scrapbook Bag (£1) ~ Which just has so much stuff I got one of these ages ago with some good papers although most of the bag is weird left overs like the stuff you get when you’ve finished punching out shapes but it’s usable and these have lots of stuff this one had lots of pink stuff (flowers and paper and such) also some black stuff and so there’s lots of useful stuff in that

· I also got a pack of 6 printed papers in 12x12 and then there’s the same 6 papers in 4x6 or there abouts and so there’s lots of useful stuff I got a pink pack which has lots of pink goodness hehe (£1)

I then went over to The Works and got:

· 50 circular, heart and square mirrors (little craft mirrors) because I thought that might be a little different who knows! (99p)

· Large A4 UK self-healing cutting mat (£2.99)

· Paper Trimmer and Cutting mat (£4.99) which is am really really really disappointed in because I thought the paper trimmer was fastened to the cutting matt and I am totally failing to cut well with this item because I suck, I am sure it’s me not the item but I can’t hold down the plastic rule and the mat and press down hard enough on the blade and keep everything else still – I fail! Lol.

· I also go 20 large tags in brown which I intend to cut down and cover (99p)

· I finally got 2 very fine glitters for various things one in pink and the other in white because they were two for a pound (£1)

· I also got myself a hello kitty air freshener car plush thing because it matched my new phone which is the hello kitty Samsung tocco lite hehe, aww. (99p)

I then went over to Argos and got a chest of 4 plastic draws but they’re quite big and hold all my new crafting stuff so super happy with them which are currently on sale for £19.99!!

Since getting home and unpacking I’ve put some stuff together for my first mini but I still have some more bits to get and some stuff is coming in the post and such. But after all that I washed out a load of coffee jars as mentioned in my previous post and filled them with old jewelry and such which was bought for crafting and such and ribbons and beads and sequins. I also put to use a box I got for findings and polymer charms and such weeks ago but haven’t yet used and put some of my findings and embellishment stuff in that.

I then tried to do some paper crafting but failed on doing basic rectangle shapes due to my inability to use the tools I have lol, so I am going to continue with that once I have a proper guillotine like what I want ~ although I did start on a tag which I have cut out a silver glittery sheet and then stuck a piece of black with white dotted card onto it across the front near the bottom and then used fabric glue to glue on the larger hot pink butterfly leaving open one of the wings to give room for a photo and then on the back of the brown tag I drew some lines and a little butterfly in black, pink and silver gel pens although I kind of wish I had done it on white paper just so this all matched but meh it’s a little journaling spot but won’t be seen all that much as it’s the back which will be in the pocket I am super excited about what I have created I have yet to stick them together and punch out the second hole (in the silvery paper) and add some ribbon which I will be using the black and white dot ribbon to the piece and of course I will take pics as it’s my first scrapbooking piece / first tag which I like and once finished will share :)

Thank you for reading :D

Imogen xoxox

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