Sunday, 15 January 2012

I am still here: Polymer updates 2.


So where have I been? Nowhere! Short and simple, I have simply been very busy selling things on Ebay (which I have made just under £400 in just under 2 months!! Very happy!) ~ but it has taken over and become quite addictive and no I do not now have plenty of money as I have been using the money to pay off what I owe and buy nice things (thus had a wonderful Christmas) anyways.

Aside from Ebay I have been overwhelmed with polymer clay – I am crap! It is not as easy as the 8 year olds on YouTube make out that it is (in my opinion) …but I am still trying and thus far have made a couple of micro turtles, micro mushrooms, micro cupcakes, leaves and a little robot thing! I did make a bunny last night but I fell with a blade in my hand and squished the white bunny which is now stained orange (guess why). So I am recovering with my injury and thought I would take this time just to write a quick journal to those of you who care – love you.

I will be back with the art soon, I promise!! Any suggestions?

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