Friday, 27 January 2012

Going to start scrapbooking!!

So, recently I decided I need a Filofax to keep all my numbers, appointments, organisations, names, addresses, dates, etc etc etc in as I am constantly making new contacts and arranging things to do with my disability. I have so much paper all and a unorganised files in a very organised filing system which is making it impossible to find the right piece of paper. So I was going to buy one and then I saw the prices and the prices of the refills and thought to myself “I am sure there is something better than a simple notebook that I can make, lets consult Google”.

So Google came up with the idea of scrapbooking which in truth I have always been put off by the expense of stock card (chipboard), patterned paper and such forth before embellishments and such which all in all is quite a bit of money just to cut it all up and stick it together. – For this reason I never got into scrapbooking although when I was in college we had to do a ‘final major project’ (yes I was an art student) and during this time I collected lots of research and made two large sketchbooks with sketches, print outs, cut outs and such and decorated each page with paint, decoupage, collage and much more and really really enjoyed working like that and creating two sketchbooks one of research and ideas and the other of process and final works.

So I have decided as an additional side project to my currently polymer clay craft hobby I will do some scrapbook minis or similar to use as diaries!

I thought I would update this journal with some of the ideas and processes I’ve come up with

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