Friday, 21 December 2012

My 24th Birthday 20th December

Hey all,

I'm so sorry I've been neglectful of my blog but what with the Christmas rush and everything I haven't had much of a chance for anything so really this isn't just a Birthday update but a general December update... lol.

So Birthday.  My Grandparents came over the day before to celibrate my Birthday a day early we had a wonderful time shopping in my local town.  Some of the shopping was for my Birthday, some for Christmas and some because well we could.  That was really nice though finished off with a meal which was seriously lacking in quantity, cold and not cooked right.  But still it was a good day asside from the poor meal at the pub we went too.  Additionally made even better by the two suprise parcels.  One from Dawn and the other from Jackie (thank you both!!) and so I did videos (which I'll share on the end of this blog).

My actual Birthday (20th December) I had a really wonderful Birthday with Josh.  We went over to the City to the big cinema and watched The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey - Brilliant!!  Plus we got to watch it in 3D on comfortable seats which made the whole experience even better!!  After we came home for a bit and then later we went out to the GRILLE steak house which is AMAZING!  Massive steaks, lots of food and a very nice place to be.  Expensive of course.  But a wonderful time was had by all!!  It rained a lot.  Just like normal on my Birthday.  The whole day felt very special indeed and I got a lot of nice presents such as my iPhone from Josh, half my cricut/gypsy from Josh, £100 from my Grandparents and such forth and a bunch of nice cards too.

Imogen xX

Ps. My 2 RAKs...  Thank you ladies xX

Friday, 30 November 2012

My YouTube Updates November!

Hey sorry all been a lil laid back due to stuff going on and medical stuff and such anyways I created another 'watch me work' video of a christmas card, a video on how to editi video for beginners in windows movie maker, a craft haul, my latest polymer creations and another 'watch me work' freehand holly embellishments.  All on my YouTube @ missimoinsane or watch them below!! Imogen xX

I've been looking at cricuts (and wanted the limited edition cricut expressions pink) and they're about £250-£350 new and about £200-300 used. But this lady on ebay was selling one with a gypsy too for £230!! I messaged her asking if she'd mind selling it off ebay and what was her best price so I got them both (with other stuff too for £185!! including shipping!) I know it's an early Birthday and Christmas present from the lovely Joshua but he said I can use it as soon as it arrives :D :D She'll post it Monday soo... AND she's called Teri and want's to be friends :D :D she's very nice! :D YEY!! So utterly excited :D :D  It should be here erm...  maybe Thursday?  It also comes with original pink cartridge (Breast Cancer, Hope) and Designers Calendar cartridge :D plus what ever's on the Gypsy!!


Friday, 16 November 2012

RAK from Jackie / Polymer Clay / WMW1

Blog Updates.

Ok been lazy and still not got the pictures of hall, stairs and landing done nor the ones of our kitchen *tut tut*.  But I have done 3 videos over on YouTube of various things!!

So first I recieved Happy Mail (RAK) from the lovely Jackie who is scrappyjak1 on YouTube.  Then second video I shared how I store my Polymer Clay and stuff to do with that.  Then third video I learnt how to hook my digital camera upto my laptop so I can use my laptop screen to see what I am recording and tested this out by creating a christmas card.  - Anyways feedback on the 3 would be loved and also subscribe if you haven't already to both my blog and YouTube channel (missimoinsane)


Thursday, 8 November 2012

my entery to challenge #40

So I have been a member of for a number of months now and after the first month you get to activley participate in the weekly challenge with a chance (random draw system) to win.

I finally decided to be brave and before knowing what this weeks challenge was about I decided to commit to entering it.  Oh how foolish!!

So this weeks challenge #40 is to create a 'thanksgiving table center piece'.  Now being that I'm in the UK, we don't celebrate this and generally that makes things difficult enough but ontop of that we also had to have a piece that was a minimum size of 8"x3", had to include a themed sentiment, had to include sticks of some kind and also the colours orange, brown, yellow, green, purple and red.  But I managed it!! :D

So here's my entry, not the best entry and not the best thing I ever made but I'm happy enough to share it and enter it into the challenge.

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Altered Notebook: My First Crafty Journal

So I've created a "My First Crafty Journal" in aid to use it to write down tutorials, ideas, inventory and so on and such forth.  Here's a video of this...

Video by me and I am YouTube user missimoinsane

Please look below the pictures for the insperation tutorial I mentioned
by YouTube user  

Click the pic to enlarge.


Tutorial by YouTube user  

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Mini Album: For You Marie On A Wing And A Prayer

Mini Album & Card
Made for Marie
who is Marigoldblu on YouTube

"For You Marie On A Wing And A Prayer"
Video by Me and I am missimoinsane on YouTube

I really hope you enjoy this video, that Marie enjoys her gifts and all in all I really enjoyed myself making these for such a wonderful lady.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Sign Tutorial Idea

Halloween Sign ~ Last Minute Idea

So I thought I'd show you how to do it...

- Old chipboard or thin wood (I used the back off an old
kitchen cabinet) but generally something to give a base.
- Piece of wood (timer)
- Various brown, black, orange, red, green acrylic paints
- Various brushes.
- Nails
- Hammer
- Some form of embellishments (if required)
- Pencil & Black Marker

As said I took the back off one of the old kitchen units (having a new kitchen fitted) broke off the sides for a more 'rough' look.I then painted this with 2 kinds of brown to create "wood".

Here you can see I've created my wood using pant and then used black paint and marker to make it seem like three wood pannels just to give a little depth, cracks and wood markings

 I also added some orange for spider eggs {Heat gun + Acrylic Paint = Bubble Texture}

 This is how the sign looks thus far.  ...looking good?

I took a plain piece of scrap timber I had...

I then painted it a darker brown...

While waiting for stuff to dry...  I worked out what I wanted the sign to say! "ENTER if you dare"

Other thoughts were.  "Enter At Your Own Risk", "WARNING", "DANGER", "Keep Out"...  sadley there wasn't enough room for "Welcome to the house of horrors" (ICP Quote)

After adding lettering I used glossy accents and a rubber spider to create this embellishment detail...

 And here's how the sign looks.  I went over the blood splats with glossy accents too.  Happy...

I then nailed the sign to the wood using tacks.  I put foam and tape over the back of the wood to hide the tiny nail points coming through...  and I painted orange, green and black onto the tack heads for a rust look.

 One Halloween Sign.

I have a big planter in the middle of my front garden I intend to stick this
into...  hope it doesn't rain!!  Anyways...

Make time probably about 5 hours but most of that was paying and
experimenting and letting it air dry as it was too late to be using my heat
gun!!  So Happy Crafting & Happy Halloween Everybody!!



Imogen Cane


Video by me and I am YouTube user

Monday, 29 October 2012

Get Well Soon Manley Card For George!

Hello again, 3rd post tonight!!

Here's a card I made over the weekend for my boyfriend's Dad (Joshua's Dad, George) hope you enjoy the video...  let me know what you think...

Video by me and I am YouTube user

Imogen xX

Please click the pictures to make them bigger :)


Halloween Tutorial Candy Container Faux Cauldren

So for last minute Halloween I decided to create a cauldren style bucket of candy bag goodies for all the lil trick'or'treaters that may appear at my door.  I also thought I'd do a walkthrough of how I created this.  Please see video at the end of this tutorial also...  Happy Halloween!!

So I made this out of things I had... 
...and the only money spent was on sweets!! 

Let me show you how I did it!!

Total time to create 8 hours make time + dry time

- An old plasic container such as a bowl
- Some form or wire or string (handle)
- Some form of little goody bags (organza bags)
- Sweets (and perhaps other goodies)
- Newspaper
- Craft Glue
- Black paint, Orange paint, Paint Brush, Water Bowl and
Kitchen (Tissue) Roll
- Wool, Ribbon and any other embellishments
- A drill or something to pierce plastic (be careful with this)

I started with newspaper and an old plastic bowl.  Purchased ages ago at Poundland for £1.  I then mix Craft Glue (in my case PVA) with water.  As we're creating a paper-mache, I'm sure everyone knows how to tear up newspaper, dip it in the glue/water mix and apply to an item... in this case outside of the bowl and if you don't have waiting time a heat tool can help!!

I then drilled 2 holes for the handles.  And moved on to making goody bags while waiting for that to air dry I added an equal number of sweets to these orange and purple organza bags (I happened to have) - Draw string bags are ideal not to lose some of them goodies.

Once the outside paper-mache was dried I then moved on to painting the inside with Acrylic Black paint.

At this point I went to bed...
But in the morning the inside was totally dry so I moved on to paint the outside in the same way...

After that's dried I painted on the 'rust' in orange acrylic paint... (dabble don't stroke!)


I took the wire from an old dissued lampshade and bent it into a funky shap and bent round into the bowl.  I wanted to secure with ducttap however could only find parcel tape so this had to do.

Paint took a little battering while working this out... but not to worry!!

I then wrapped the whole handle (and tape) with black wool.  I stook an orange Ribbon to the backside of the purple ribbon and made a bow.  Which I attached wiith more black wool to the handle (love how the bow turned out!!)

I filled in the scratched off paint with more "rust" orange acrylic paint...

Once it was dried I filled the faux cauldren style bowl with goody bags for the lil trick'or'treater's...

 (yes I made up more bags, 32 and there's more to be done... maybe!)

Perfect as a candy holder, the way I did it.  Or as a childs candy bucket when going trick'or'treating :)

I opted to buy save candies that came in their own wrappers and put a little bag of jelly sweets (Haribo) and other packaged sweets together to make these little bags with 6 packs/indevidual sweets in each bag (total 32 bags).

I hope someone comes...  but it's decor that will last till next year, can be repainted for easter or just kept as home decor.  ~ Just thoughts.

Imogen xX
Please keep an eye out for my "Halloween Sign" creation too!!

Video by me and I am YouTube user