Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Polymer Clay, Charms, News & More 1.

A long time ago I decided (and declared) that I was going to start making jewellery to sell as a side hobby to my art. I did have every intention of doing this however due to circumstances at that time of moving, new boyfriend, college and uni as well as medical issues, relationship breakdown, moving house again, dropping out of uni and college all due to medical issues and moving to another country! I never got round to starting it properly.

But now I have decided I have plenty of free time on my hands and to make some extra money I am going to start making charms and ornaments etc out of 'polymer clay' and 'findings' …perhaps the odd plastic bead or two also!

~ I have lots of ideas and today I was really inspired by a friend who came to visit me (Rachel) and we got chatting about it and so I was looking for some tutorials I saw ages and ages ago as I said I would find them for her and now I have committed and bought some polymer clay and some findings!! Impulse buy perhaps, but I will make good use of it I am sure!! I have started a scrapbook/ideas book and I am very excited and can't wait for it to arrive and get started on making things!!

So in addition to all this I have also just created an Etsy store today (as linked in this journal) ^ and I will also try selling through Ebay ^ and of course once I start getting better and selling I will open up commissions!! Payments to be made via PayPal. Digital Art Commissions are currently open ^ and they can be points or through PayPal (note me and we will discuss prices, I will also do friend and January discounts!!)

Anyways, I have lots of ideas and loads of other stuff lined up for 2012! Kick starting with a party tomorrow night with friends and then possibly staying out as it's easier than getting a taxi back (me and Joshua) so super excited about that, no idea what to wear – sh!t. But excitement never the less. I think I am just in an utter buzz from seeing old friends that I haven't seen in nearly 2 years today and they came down to visit me and I've known them since school which seems like forever but it's probably about 10 years!! Hah. Oh I am old (23).

Right I am going now, much love xXx

Comments with thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc…

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